Educational Computer

For the author, the technologies are used initially to make better what already it was fact, that is, as organizacional tool, with data base for organization of the information, automatizing the routines, at the same time that the pupils find in the technologies tools of support to the learning; later new spaces and activities are created that coexist the traditional ones, as the video to illustrate the lesson, accomplishment of projects and exposition of activities of professors pupils, professors consider virtual activities in group, lists of quarrels, fruns, blogs, podcasts and production of video, being considered these, complementary activities, what truth valley is the actual lessons and the notes; finally, in the third stage the school and university suffer changes in the way as the contents are directed, have a flexibilizao of the curricular organization, the management of education/learning. Such adaptation still finds obstacles as the social tradition and expectations. According to Brave (1993), an use joint of computer science and Internet in the schools are in projects or activities extraclassroom, that does not modify the way as the contents are given. These forms of use of the computer in the school, according to exactly author, evidence the recognition of the importance of its use and at the same time the disinterest in facing the implications that cause its use them you discipline, as investment in the formation of professors. This form of use of the resources is called Educational Computer science. Educational Computer science, constitutes the use of the computer science resources as Internet, publishers of images and the resources of Microsoft Office, to develop activities under definitive subject, normally of choice of the professor. In this context, the use of such tools, comumente is associated the accomplishment of projects, gincanas and other events and to the daily use in the education institution or is not of it as complementary activity. .

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