Wolfgang Bergmann

Should get Eon, RWE, Vattenfall and EnBW to pressure the majority of the population, against all expectations correctly in renewable energy, the production business for our medium-sized companies would be lost. The managers of these companies would shift all production to China or anywhere else, for cost reasons, and a great healing opportunity for the European internal market and people would be lost. Closing and out! No domestic growth rate, no changes in income, no advanced research and innovation conclusion and from. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. The Government is playing with for a few euros, which bring nothing at all. On the other hand, far more tax billions, without the activation of the internal markets and not created jobs lost the State.

The opinion, the are our Government, Eon, RWE,. Vattenfall and EnBW have write as an alibi the dumbest is easy the it at the time the read is. Who already believes that these companies reduce electricity prices years in 5-10, where they rise decades and do with what shareholders? This document is in the paper isn’t worth what it was written. How should CO2 emissions reduced in the next few years as it stands in this document? That is just pure nonsense. No, it take the Crown of the audacity of this whole process.

Despite everything they will extend the maturities and get away with, unfortunately it is coming. The balance of power let no other conclusions. Europe’s way to the poverty is unbraked go on and without the stabilisation of domestic markets, because this is Europe, there is no way out. For us in Germany to feign a huge export business as “Wealth” and “Prosperity” us, which real at all does not exist. An abyss opens up more and more. New savings packs or even tax increases, in the lower-income, would be the direct route into this abyss and it all just because a handful of misguided “makers” and its shareholders, in the truest sense of the Word can get the “neck” not full enough. Who and where are we? A large meeting of mind, reason and intelligence expertise, if it must be policy, is what needs the current present, humanity and our world. A global solution to all problems should be sought, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all. An alternative download “www.weltversorgungsgesellschaft.de”. Wolfgang Bergmann

Al Jazeera Gaddafi

The Libyan colonel has returned to send a message to the population, but not be seen through the television network to the Rai. Gaddafi has called on their faithful to continue fighting, even if you cannot hear my voice. Libyan rebels have decided to extend one week ultimatum to Sirte. Libyan rebels have decided to extend one week ultimatum given by the National Council of transition until Saturday so that fighters loyal to Muamar Gadafi that resist in the town of Sirte surrender, according to a military source in Benghazi. However, the Colonel has asked the Libyan tribes in a new message, overtaken by chain Al Arabiya first thing in the afternoon and that was going to be later disseminated by television at Al – Rai, who continue fighting. In his fourth speech after the outlet after all kinds of speculation about his whereabouts and Tripoli, Gaddafi has accused the rebels of using mercenaries and has called that burn Libya. Thus, has urged the tribes to continue with your fight, even if you cannot hear my voice.

Don’t surrender, we are not women, we will continue to fight, then said the Colonel, as he has picked up Al Jazeera. Colonel said that all Libyan tribes are armed, and asked them to continue fighting hard and violent and tend ambushing officers (the rebels); in his speech, interrupted suddenly without notice, explained that the tribes of Sirte and Bani Walid – two regions still in hands of gadafistas – are armed and they may not be submitted. Already on 25 August Colonel urged Libyans to fight rebels to release Tripoli. Do not fear the infidels. Free Tripoli. You leave all the people and move forward towards Tripoli. Fight Street by street and combat, he said then Gaddafi in an audio broadcast message by Syrian television international channel to the Rai. Already finished everything on the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs under the regime of Gaddafi, Abdelati to the Obeidi, Libya He said Thursday have been handed over voluntarily to the rebels near Tripoli and advised the forces that remain loyal to Gaddafi who lay down their arms.

In an interview with the channel Al Jazeera English, the old diplomacy gadafi j explained that it was in contact with the current authorities last night to ask for protection against the version of the CNT of that had been captured. I came willingly, nobody has brought me by force, said who also served Prime Minister and status of the North African country j. To the Obeidi, he stressed that he has been treated well at all times by the rebels, and that, instead of being detained in a cell, has been placed in a room with sofas and a television. So far, all right, drew the Obeidi catari television correspondent. The holder of Foreign Affairs considered that he has already finished everything, so the gadafistas forces should renounce violence to avoid more bloodshed. Source of the news: Gaddafi, his faithful: “Don’t surrender, we are not women, we will continue to fight”