Munich District Administration Unit

Referendum non-smoker protection in Bavaria the campaign of the tobacco lobby to the Alliance “Bayern says no” is based on misleading figures. If we are to believe the tobacco industry and its allies, then the non-smoker protection in Bavaria is governed for the best. The so-called Alliance for freedom and tolerance spread the message these days across the country and at great expense, the referendum for a completely smoke-free restaurants was unnecessary, because will now not been smoked in 90% of the restaurants. The representatives of the tobacco lobby based on a statistic of the Munich District Administration Unit (KVR) their essence. Thus it was at the turn of the year 2009 / 2010 in the State capital 7.831 restaurants, 841 wholly or partially as smokers restaurants were performed where.

Using these figures to the impression, only some were smokers a few corner pubs and cigar lounges, the tobacco lobby applies three tricks. 1.) that gives the tobacco lobby, the 7.831 gastronomic variations that are registered with the COLREGs, was It is restaurants. Actually belongs also the drink bar in old people’s homes, brothels, cinemas, outlets and other facilities. The Bavarian State Office for statistics and data processing, according to the Munich hospitality industry encompasses only about 3,800 enterprises. In 2008, there were 3,830 farms of hospitality in the Bavarian capital according to turnover tax statistics. In addition to hotels, canteens and catering were below 499 of drink-influenced cuisine and 2. 432 enterprises of marked food gastronomy. On demand the KVR informed that also the drink bar in old people’s homes, brothels, cinemas, hospitals, furniture stores, travel agencies, swimming pools, administrative buildings, outlets and other institutions is taken into account in its own gastronomy statistics. Theresa Schopper, the State Chairman of the Greens, commented on this fact as follows: either is being played here, or it has been studying is no one by the opponents of the smoking ban, what the numbers of Munich authorities mean.

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