Medical Diagnostics

All aspects of the health care company has ISRAMEDICINE professional support and provides a wide range of medical services for international patients from many countries: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Cyprus, USA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc. The list of services: All aspects of medical care provided by the company ISRAMEDICINE before, during, and after a visit to Israel: Medical Diagnostics and organization treatment. Visa.

Flights, car rentals and hotels. Questions of promotion in the country. Meeting of the patient at the airport in Israel and support of the hotel. Help the patient and his family during their stay in the country. Visits to the doctor in hotels in Israel.

Aircraft evacuation of patients. Excursions in Israel, Dead Sea, and much more. We organize your ‘MEDICAL day in Israel’, for an overall diagnosis and medical examinations. Why should I be treated in Israel? Patients from around the world who suffer from all sorts of ailments come for treatment at medical centers in the best private hospitals in Israel. Our company collaborates with major medical centers in Israel, which are equipped with the latest technology, full of modern equipment, have highly medical specialists of world renown, are armed with advanced methods of treatment using the latest technology.

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