Innovative Treatment

HG Naturklinik Michelrieth extends Behadnlugnsangebot Frankfurt am Main, the 21 January 2014: the HG Naturklinik Michelrieth expands its range of treatments in the field of Dermatology with the nail fungus laser treatment. Thickened, yellowish and brittle nails? A nail fungus infection is not only persistent, uncomfortable and a cosmetic problem, but is mostly a reaction of the body to an immunodeficiency or underlying disease. Peripheral circulatory disorders, hormonal changes, wrong diets (existing deficiencies or a hyperglycemia”), unhealthy shoe factory, but also improper hygiene can be some of the reasons for the nail fungus. Robotics: the source for more info. A medical diagnosis and treatment is recommended in this case. New therapy approach: the nail fungus laser treatment at the HG Naturklinik Michelrieth are diagnosis and comprehensive treatment in the Center. The goal: The activation of the self healing through relaxation of the nervous system. The HG Naturklinik Michelrieth nail Piz laser treatment offers a gentle and effective therapeutic approach, which the body not burdened with intolerance or adverse reactions: specifically the laser light destroys the fungal pathogens seated under the nail plate. Nail and surrounding skin will remain intact.

The body can recover the nail grow back healthy. How does the nail fungus laser treatment? Focused laser light will run for about 2 minutes on the affected nail and penetrates the nail plate. There, the light is converted into heat. The fungal pathogens are destroyed by the heat. The nail can grow back healthy.

By the nail fungus laser generated heat as tingling or exceptions as a light stinging perceived. What are the advantages of the nail fungus laser treatment? No side effects or intolerances of the body not additionally burdened precisely targeted is the fungal pathogens, remain nail and skin pain arm unharmed no downtime when you see first results? Fungal infections are often stubborn, because patience is required: 6 a nail needs healthy can grow to up to 12 months. For an effective treatment without back contamination, the HG Naturklinik recommends three treatments in an interval of four weeks. de/indikationen/nagelpilz-laserbehandlung.php the HG Naturklinik Michelrieth, located in the Spessart nature park offers holistic natural healing method for the body, soul and spirit. The holistic diagnosis of Klink is based on modern diagnostic methods of conventional medicine, knowledge of the orthomolecular medicine as well as nature and empirical medicine. Mainly dealt with following indications: diseases of cardiovascular and vascular system, metabolic diseases, rheumatism, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, acute and chronic pain, respiratory diseases, skin diseases and allergies, gastoenterologische diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke patients, tumors, mental and physical exhaustion. At the heart of the HG Naturklinik Michelrieth are the man and the activation of its self-healing powers by the Healing via the nervous system.

Only The Other Smokers Get Lung Cancer

Since 1987, countless campaigns trying to convince people to the world no tobacco day by the harmfulness of tobacco use. Greifenberg/Munich, 22 June 2013 the Canadian software manufacturer April age (, inventor and developer of the APRIL face aging software allows through the visualization of skin aging an individual examination of the own aging process. In addition to the normal aging, APRIL to represent the influence of smoking. This very personal look into the future is mainly by anti-smoking used to consumers in discussions to enlighten campaigns at events and to move to a debate on the issue of smoking. Shocking depictions of smoking lungs on cigarette packaging and posters, but are happy to refer to examples of old smoker and yet healthy smokers and shy to a discussion of the health risks of smoking. The face aging software APRIL can be used here for a different approach, because the own appearance has a huge importance. Anti aging is more than just a beauty trend. To see age themselves and to take the effects of smoking on your own face, it can lead to a rethinking of the smoke behavior or support young people not to start smoking.

A photo in the APRIL’s software is loaded just to visualize the aging of the skin, the user chooses how many years he wants to grow old. Similarly as a morphing software aging can be represented with and without the effects of smoking in comparative images as well in 3D. The results can then be printed out. The big difference with morphing applications, however, is that APRIL is a scientifically based solution that uses a database with over 3,000 faces of different ages and lifestyles to the calculation of face aging. So, the aging process also to uploaded images of children can be visualized. Generally, the aging of the skin can be mapped from 7 to 72 years. APRIL was also in numerous independent studies from around the world, the dealing with the relationship dealing with his own self image and behaviors, confirmed. “” Our customers are thrilled as APRIL face aging software supports their smoke-free initiatives “explains Wolfgang Berger, business development April package of looking in the mirror of the future Europe attracts not only visitors to events, but proves as a door opener for an effective health education in the conversation” for more information interested parties in APRIL AGE Europe by phone under + 49 8192 99733 26 or via email at.

All mentioned trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. About April package Inc. and APRIL face aging software: April is the inventor, developer and distributor of the APRIL face aging software, used worldwide in health education, science, law enforcement and customer information. APRIL software visualizes how age and lifestyles affect the exterior. APRIL applies the characteristics of the age from a statistical database with several thousands of real people on a simple digital 2D-Photo map. Health and effects of lifestyle choices such as smoking, weight gain, obesity and BMI (body MassIndex) as also increased sun exposure can be represented to show side by side comparative images of aging in 3D. APRIL can create face Agings over different periods of time from childhood until old age both in different ethnic groups. APRIL is patented and available as a download, a kiosk system, using the APRIL API Web service or online at April age is Toronto, Canada.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance software CareSocial now on Android systems without permanent Internet connection available since January 2013 associated collection care for outpatient nursing services under certain circumstances with significantly more work than in the previous year, to demand a detailed accounting because the nursing orientation law provides among other things the possibility the patient, instead of power complexes. If such care contracts are with the patients, increases the effort to document of the care services for the nurses, as well as the administrative staff. Therefore the usage of mobile data collection solution, digital stores the applications and services on the tour is almost inevitable. Matching the data recorded on the tour later in a synchronization run on the jobs the administrative staff transmitted, so that both the patient and the nursing has the opportunity to document the activities carried out in a transparent and settle. In contrast to the often used paper collection saves itself the care services for mobile data entry equal double the work: the meticulous place parking as well as the manual matching of data is automated by the software solution. The Dresdner software solution for nursing services CareSocial”uses mobile data collection on the Android operating system, since smartphones are very inexpensive to purchase with your Linux system and often in the care services to make calls on the tours are already a.

The purchase of special equipment, which could be connected under conditions with high costs, is not required. As well, the data acquisition solution of CareSocial GmbH is a so-called offline solution”, i.e., an employee requires no Internet connection during the mobile data entry to data synchronization. The data can be cost-effectively transferred E.g. in the Wi-Fi of the care service. CareSocial CareSocial heard about several hundred installations since 2007 in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland to one of the first Web-based software solutions for nursing services. The CareSocial GmbH is an innovative software company with its headquarters in Dresden, as well as several partner stores in the entire Federal territory. Find more information about the care software on the Internet at.