What Can Be Observed In Dental Implants?

What are dental implants made from and what should patients pay attention? Dental implants – ask your dentist who today in the private and professional life that wants best, arrives at the treatment and facilities for the benefit of his teeth sure no compromises. Perfection is not a virtue, but the expression of the personal attitude to life today. The smile is your business card, shows who you are and how you classify themselves. We offer competent and tailored to your personal needs advice relating to bright smile ‘. ” Every patient is different, and so we take the time to help you achieve the perfect result. It is to the heart – through comprehensive and satisfying for you advice to eliminate all ambiguities and uncertainties. With suitable bone availability, missing teeth can be replaced by artificial tooth roots that you screw into the bone.

Prerequisite is a detailed preliminary study in combination with a possible three dimensional digital Diagnostics of x-ray to ensure that enough bone volume exists to screw the implant. The goal of implantology is almost perfectly to copy nature. Are well researched, modern technologies and materials now available. These are nature either in function or aesthetics. With the root of the tooth (implants are small helical structures made of titanium or ceramic, which replace the tooth root, not the tooth) firmly into the jaw bone anchored restrict the is, the patient must have no fears in the food intake to be. Optical implants do not differ from real teeth and implants keep good care typically last a lifetime. More than 50 years ago, a first tooth implant has been used and is still in function.

The missing tooth is fixed later on the so-called abutment, implant construction. This unit gives the patient the safe bite”back of your own teeth. Dental implants offer decisive advantages. You save the neighbouring teeth, because they must not be ground for a bridge, at the same time maintain stability because they must take over not the function of an already lost tooth.

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