Overall Software

Project time just recorded and evaluated with time stamp has your software solution timeSTAMP consistently developed the P2 consult ( With this software, you can easily and effectively track your work time and assign at the same time projects and posting types. At the end of the week or the month, create evaluations and surveys on push of a button and have your Arbeitsbzw. Project time fully into the handle. Who designed this software? For all companies, in which several employees work a day on different projects and the projects are completed usually at short notice. Our target group in Ingenieurund are planning Office PR and media agencies of agency offices for graphic and design software company all access privacy support and call center companies in the database managed and are the project managers to the evaluation. You can evaluate all the input criteria and get specific numbers to a deliverable, or the employee’s workforce or simply a time Overall evaluation of their work performance.

Here you can see directly the software itself: the software can also individually adapted to customer wishes. “For you not the pig in a poke” must buy we provide of course a demo version free of charge at the disposal. Request a demo version directly from the Web page of the P2 consult..timestamp.html.

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