Marc Ehry Is A New Member Of The Bne Board

Marc Ehry, Managing Director Commerce of PCC energy GmbH and Managing Director of subsidiary PCC Technology GmbH, is a new Board member at the Federal Association of new energy providers (bne). Duisburg, June 21, 2010: Marc Ehry, Managing Director Commerce of PCC energy GmbH and Managing Director of subsidiary PCC Technology GmbH, is a new Board member at the Federal Association of new energy providers (bne). Robert Bakish: the source for more info. 8 meeting in Berlin, he was elected to the main body of the Association. This Office opened me”the possibility of even more for the interests of new producers and suppliers of the gas and electricity market to sit up, to create fair conditions of competition for all operators, Alida said after his election. The Board of Directors of the GNI has been extended at the last meeting on nine members. Thus, the Association is the steady increase in member firms make Bill, who have made it to the target, the gas and electricity market without discrimination to all competitors. The GNI is composed specifically for the needs of new energy providers along the entire value added chain one of the erzeugungs about the sales to the service performance level. As an independent energy provider, nationwide supplying commercial, medium-sized companies and chain stores with gas and electricity, the PCC Energie GmbH of Duisburg benefited from a fair and free market access.

Through its flexible procurement strategy on international exchanges and markets, the company claims successfully against the big energy monopoly for more than a decade. With the election of Marc Ehry in the bne Board PCC continues to power this way. About PCC energy the PCC energy GmbH supplies nationwide commercial customers, medium-sized companies, as well as chain stores with gas and electricity. About 100 people are employed at head office in Duisburg and the 26 regional offices. As a subsidiary of the internationally active group of companies PCC SE, PCC has access to all important energy exchanges in Europe’s energy. Note for the editorial offices: PCC energy managing director Marc Ehry is available for a personal opinion on the topic available. For more information see press contact Editorial Office PCC energy KOOB Agency for Public Relations Solinger str.

The Power

A sudden burning such as incandescent or halogen lamps is also excluded. Outdoor lamp, Interior LED. Even if can be any forms of lamp with LED technology in principle, the classic PEAR, candles or Teardrop has not served out still long. For all lovers of the best light bulb, LUMIworld offers LED bulbs that fit into any standard ceiling, wall or floor lamp. The offer includes lamps with socket and plug sockets. In contrast to the good old light bulb, LED lamps in various shades of white (warm white, neutral white, cool white), as well as with different beam angles (from 120 to 350) are available, so that the appropriate light produce allows for every purpose.

And thanks to the low heat development of the LEDs may place now also close your lamp at the curtain or wallpaper. It couldn’t be more economical… All versions the incredible efficiency of the LED light is common: with 10 W power consumption reach roughly 80% of the power LEDs that you conserve light power of a conventional 40-W incandescent bulb. While you need to take any of the typical drawbacks of CFLs in unloading technology in purchase: LED lamps light up after switching on immediately with full brightness, are immungegen frequent switching on and off and can dispose of themselves at the end of her life simply in the household waste. Tip: Due to their long life LED bulbs are also ideal for hard to reach areas such as E.g. showcases, because until a replacement is necessary, they light many years long, day in day out. Design wonder not everyone know that LED are not only incredibly durable and economical, but also genuine design objects.

Find out for yourself! Check the bulbs on the side: bulb / pipe panels / / panels-rgb / LUMIworld neuesterLED manufacturer! Go to play it safe. LED is not the same LED at all of the benefits of the new light is there significant Differences in quality. LUMIworld offers brand products manufactured, exclusively from high quality components at very reasonable prices. Find out for yourself why other light sources not only significantly more cost, but can also be very dangerous. Here some links: Researchers warn of energy-saving lamp – ARD shocking documentary about low energy light bulbs Cultural journal NDR 20.11.2009 NDR reportage “of the nonsense of the energy-saving lamp” or “Where please is the eco-balance?

CEO Industry

SolarEnergy Berlin presents high-tech from the renewable energy sector – rising demand for technical translations for the energy sector which is booming around renewable energy technology sector. More than 13,000 trade visitors are expected to the SolarEnergy in Berlin, the partners Messe BioGas world expects 6,000 visitors from all over the world. At the same time increases the need for high-quality technical translations for the industry. The 12 SolarEnergy takes place in Berlin from 23-25 April 2013. On the most important international trade fair for renewable energy, State of the art heating and energy efficiency technologies presented the audience.

The partner event BioGas world informed investors from agricultural biogas technologies and new solutions for decentralised energy supply at the same time. The sustained recovery of this industry and the rising domestic demand for innovative energy-saving solutions are reflected also on the translation market. Every third translation job now come from the energy, solar, or photovoltaic industry,”confirmed Abu Ali Jacobs, CEO of B2B Jacobs translations. The translation from Bruggen years ago has focused on the translation of technical documents, patents, operating and maintenance instructions and manuals. More than 700 technical translators working freelance for B2B Jacobs translations.

By means of training and continuous quality control, the agency ensures the performance of their master translator, as well as the quality of the translations, which increasingly deal with photovoltaic and solar thermal, heat pumps, wind turbines or biomass. The rapid upward trend began with the increased use of renewable energies for the German nuclear phase-out and continues. The debate on the renewable energies Act (EEG) and the proposals for reform of Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier keep alive the interest of the economy and the consumer. Jacobs: The harsh winter heating costs in every household has driven upwards, the need for affordable, sustainable heating solutions continues to grow. The industry will not ignore this demand.” B2B Jacobs translations renewable energy anticipates an increasing order volume in the industry. The specialist for technical translations is very well prepared for this development.

Powerline Appliances

The energy-saving home appliances soon take hold in our apartments. The technical foundations are already created for the use of intelligent home appliances. Many manufacturers now offer energy-saving alternatives to traditional household appliances. That sounds so almost as if the devices would lead a life of their own and had an intelligence, humans may make use. In fact, so much. No doubt, it’s about artificial intelligence. This intelligence is the agility and security in the House. As E.g.

serve@home by Siemens has revolutionized the home appliance market. What is done. There are a number of network-enabled devices. They have a small slot. Into this comes the system interface. But, the actual operating system is the gateway, which is conducted via the local power grid. Via W-LAN, the gateway to the PC, the PDA or tablet or via GSM communicates with the phone. Now, the customer can now already 11 devices via this wireless communication system connect and control.

The price per unit is 50. All connected devices are mapped on the screen as a control center. So, you can check whether the washing machine in the basement is finished, without having in diesehinabsteigen. This saves time and energy. But the system can be much more since 2005. Peter Asaro addresses the importance of the matter here. You can control the shutters, the light and the temperature about. So, the House gets more security. The complete safety technology about the system can be connected at all. At a glance you know evening where to delete still a light in the House, where possibly a window is open. With a camera, you can monitor all rooms. Each device that you want to work within the system must be connected to the interface HZ319000. The energy-saving household appliances have a chute provided specially. Per info module, they are then informed about the State of the device. Buying to an installation package, you can control everything from the PC. This consists of the central gateway and the Powerline interface. Who not as a complex system install, can obtain individual intelligent devices. For example the Miele smart grid devices which only then remove the power consumption when the current is especially favorable. If so household appliances, such as the washing machine or dishwasher, countercyclical, so mainly at night, automatically record their operation, valuable resources can be saved. This SD-ready devices are equipped with a module, that receives the data via the power lines, which guarantee a reasonable power consumption? The network load to the relevant (current) peak hours in the morning and in the evening, can be optimized by, and much more importantly is spared for most consumers of the money bag. Much is still wishful thinking, but in the interests of ecology, you should closely track this technology and not dismiss as spinning.

Climate Hotels – The Own Forest For Climate-neutral Nights

Guests of the climate benefit forest in Panama Bonn/Rosrath now from the piece. 6.2 Hectares of forest, an area almost as large as 9 football fields, forest climate hotels in 2013 together with CO?OL in Panama back on. In this year alone, about 6.280 young trees on former extensive cattle pastures and fallow land grow to the own cooperation mixed. Climate hotels compensate this way in the hotels, not avoidable CO?-emissions. In addition to responsibility the climate hotels for nature and wildlife offer so the special service of the climate-neutral overnight guests”, without having them sacrificing quality and convenience. The sustainability of the reforestation project is verified by independent third parties and labelled as CCBS (climate, community & biodiversity standards) gold “status awarded. Reforestation partner CO?OL brings over 15 years experience in sustainable reforestation.

The climate-hotels are proud to an important project for the sake of the climate support. We think that they locally and globally must act to promote climate protection. CO? is a global gas. “Therefore it makes sense to replant there, where it can best be bound”, so Viabono business. ftsfuhrer Helge Beissert. Panama Panama reforestation area lies at the point where two continents meet, and offers a unique biological diversity.

The high proportion of indigenous tree species and afforestation in mixed cultures creates an eco-system, offering new habitats for animals as well as plants. In addition, original habitats are made usable again. Benefits for the population included in the project also for the social climate”committed climate hotels in reforestation areas. Thomas Puchan Hotel ECOINN explained: it is important that the local population of the climate protection projects will benefit and treated fairly us. The man must be considered with always, when it comes to such projects.” The project contributes to the working and living conditions in to improve rural Panama. The employees receive a salary above the minimum wage, including the statutory ambulances pension insurance.