SanDisk Titanium

I myself use the second version, adapted to stick with the interface U3 (I SanDisk Titanium, for example). Ie I carry all of your passwords always with me, and I them enter on any computer (sort of activity I go to internet with multiple machines). If you work with an individual computer, and only – do not bother and put the regular version. How does it work? It integrates in the browser – there is a special panel. When you go to a web page that contains the form and requiring you to login ID or password or something else appears and exposes this information without manual input on one mouse click. Of course, this information must first be made – the first time that a login and password for a specific site RoboForm automatically saves it.

And from a security standpoint solid pluses – you no longer need to be enter passwords from the keyboard and fear keylogger Trojans. Furthermore – do not even need to drive in the site address – the tab will be in the program itself – click on it, and automatically log into your account, that would it may be! Besides passwords, this is a useful utility stores and other personal data – such as personal biographical. Remember how much repetitive information to be entered when filling out a registration form – name, address, age, etc. All these data can also be 'score' in the account of a specific person, and substitute in the web-form at the touch of a button again. And these records may be several, several people! They contain information to the maximum, even credit card information and bank account can be entered.

As for the free program … Initially, it has the status of Free. 30 days, you can use it without restriction. After this period, the number stored pass-cards (ie login and password pairs) is limited to ten (10). What I can tell you – enough for even manimeykera, not to mention a simple web-surfers – that is, it is possible to fit the data access emehjl, purses and other critical things. I like this and use Free version on a flash drive. But you can certainly apgreydnut and its PRO-up version – the license costs about 700 rubles. And then there are no restrictions at all! Well, what else can be called extra chips? RoboForm may itself generate a strong password, if you do not have enough imagination;)). And then keep them. Encrypts all stored data (using the algorithms AES, Blowfish, RC6, 3-DES or 1-DES), protects against keylogger (keylogger) and checks the URL sites to prevent phishing (spoofing). The portable version stores in general, all on a flash drive – that is, no your data in someone else's computer is not hit. In short – RoboFormom I am very happy as I said I use more than one year, and no claims have not. What do you want, and!

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