At worst – the Windows operating system from booting. 'Computer' I then asked that (get it's window with the text or meaning of the text which I do not understand). I replied that then. What should I do? Hope for the best! 🙂 There is an unwritten rule: If you are prompted that you do not know or do not know – better to click No (or close the 'cross' in the right upper right corner). System unit (often called its users CPU) time to develop a strong buzz. What should I do? The culprit of noise is usually cooler.

Cooler – (from the English. 'Cooler' – fridge) – system cooling system, consisting of a radiator and fan. In the system unit coolers, as a rule, there are several. Necessarily one of the central processor and one of the PSU. Even cooler may be the video card, motherboard board inside the system case (the author – I remember the computer, where I counted nine coolers). Buzz and vibrate it starts the fan.

Get rid of the noise in the home, you can: – by cleaning the dust from the fan – used brush with long bristles (you can use masking never used) and preferably but not necessarily, a vacuum cleaner that would not dust scattered around the apartment. – Lubricate the bearing fan. Suitable oil for sewing typewriters (butter and sunflower did not use it:) missing one – two drops. – If the first two options did not help, then just replace the fan on a new one.

Laptop Repair In Moscow

Laptop as a portable computer, has many advantages over stationary. Easily transfer laptop from place to place allows both to keep all the necessary information in one place, not razmenivayas to the office and home computer and use this information at any time, wherever you are. Modern technology allows the notebook is not only not to give in, but also excel in performance of some desktop computers. However, with all its pros and mobility notebook has one problem – it always requires repair more subtle and professional approach than repairing computers. First of all, because the former are arranged much more difficult to second. That's why we recommend a computer help in Moscow to repair laptops in the office service. However, if you are not able to pass Laptop specialist, you will be able to use the services of master retreat Smart Service.

Our specialist will come to a place in one and a half hours after your call, no more than an hour to identify the cause broken laptop and take all necessary measures for the rehabilitation of equipment, ie will repair the laptop. Despite the high professionalism of our employees, the time taken to repair laptops, can significantly exceed the time required to fix a similar problem of a desktop computer. This time delay usually arises solely because of the technical complexity of the laptop. Also, as in the case of repair desktops, laptops under repair experts will establish the necessary software, virus protection, configure the local network and Internet access. Completes the provision of services to repair laptops extract warranty work performed on the sheet. Computer repairs, not to the reason for their failure, will always be a troublesome task. Try to understand the reason for failure, to call the master, turn off the computer and take him to a service center, where the term repair can take from several days to several months, and then spend more time on it to restore your computer back, plug it in and install everything needed for the success of the program, can not afford one.

Today, at the age of high computer technology that makes it easy in a few hours of working time can result in large financial losses for the organization, and for individuals whose work is directly related to the operation of a PC. In addition, configure a local or network connection can only be in place – at home or office. To that the losses were minimal, we offer our clients take advantage of retreat master computer repair in Moscow. Making the call in a call-center company Smart Service, you can be sure that the master will pick you up no later than a half hour. Having started to inspect the computer, visiting master emergency computer assistance in Moscow for an hour will reveal all its problems, identify methods for computer repair and quickly remove all causes of equipment malfunction, if necessary, replace the parts. In the event that produced the repair of computers will require you to reinstall your operating system, installation of additional software LAN configuration, providing an Internet connection, a specialist service of first computer assistance in Moscow Smart Service perform all the necessary manipulations. Computer Aid in Moscow, produced for our the company completed the issuance of the warranty card for work performed and equipment, which was replaced during repair.