Transposition Cybernetics (Part Three Goals )

In the first part of these articles entitled "Cybernetic Transposition" definimosal term "cyber" as a person who is in control. We mentioned the importance of "conscious living" to better understand ourselves and understand our experiences. When we live consciously, the relationship to life is at the level of unconscious reactions. Consequently, we can not learn from our experiences and we become victims of circumstance. To paraphrase Jung, "I am not what I thought, I have chosen sinolo." The reality is that we have options: we can reduce life to suffer anything happens to us, or we may see in each control and experience the possibility of expanding our consciousness. Today we will explore what we mean by the term "transposition." "Transposition" is defined as a process of exchange.

In the context of the Cybernetic Transposition Method, "transposition" refers to the basic technique to transfer the success from a particular area of our lives to any other area. What we do is replicate the success achieved before in any aspect. In a somewhat simpler, take the memory of a success in one aspect of our lives – or the same look differently at another time – and "transposes" to create success in one aspect or another. yComo can help then the Cybernetic Transposition? The answer is simple: to transform any success we have experienced previously on a solid foundation for success in another area. But … yQue hemosexperimentado if I ever succeed? It is virtually impossible to find a person who has not had any success in your life. Let me give you an example: if you've ever tried to learn a language other than your native language, there will surely be discovered that learning a language is no easy task. However, all manage our language more or less acceptable.

Certainly we can communicate our ideas, emotions, etc.. This is one of those successes that we are prepared to disqualify as the phenomenal success it is. If as an adult, ever tried to learn to skate, you will notice the amazing success it is for a child to reach piepor first time. These are "successes" we can facilmentetransferir to another area of our life at any time using the simple techniques of CT. If you think objectively and carefully, you realize that there are many successes that have already experienced in your life. My suggestion is to start by making a list of these successes, so you can begin to change their own "self-image."

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