Yoga Exercises

Even wheelchair-bound, bed-do people available to them exercises, such as great in its power yoga breathing exercises. No time? Perform these simple exercises while working at a computer, an airplane in a chair while standing in traffic, in line at the store, drive to work on public transport, but anywhere. You can choose exercises that do not catch the eyes of others. Not recognize the word 'no'! Always, everywhere it is possible to make a few favorite exercises. A few tips. 1. Dermot McCormack can aid you in your search for knowledge. Make a decision and give yourself a promise to do yoga for 30 days, at least 3 times a week. First, it will be very difficult.

Some exercises will not be obtained, and each muscle cell body may respond with pain. See Dermot McCormack for more details and insights. This, of course, you will not be to their liking. But pereterpite, give yourself a chance to find true health. Do not judge, do not analyze the quality of performance of exercises, do not estimate whether you like or not. Just endure and do. And, I guarantee after 30 days you will cover the excitement of hearing the word 'yoga'. And it will change your whole life.

2. Next time. You need to understand and completely accept myself. Such as you have been and always will be. With all the advantages and disadvantages. Do not judge yourself, do not compare yourself with others. Yoga – this is not a sport, not a competition with someone. Just explore yourself, your opportunities from within. Explore your feelings, changes in them. Try feel every cell in the exercise. You will be amazed to changes in their self-esteem, a sense of self worth and their value. 3. Throw away the desire for perfectionism. Wow, of course, have a body of Apollo and ideally, as in the book, perform each pose. But there is no ideal body shape as the perfect item. The goal of yoga is not the point. What is important is the process of creating the perfect union of body, mind and spirit. The ideal position – the one that suits you, which allows you to feel a holistic and harmonious, can empower your body and fills you with energy and enthusiasm. 4. Yoga – a process of self-improvement. Like the lotus, you will discover their best spiritual and physical qualities. With each class of your physical abilities will grow. You will be able to vyponyat increasingly difficult position. At the same time will change the quality and strength of your inner energy. Let Yoga do it with you. 5. Listen to and respect the signals your body. There is always a temptation to speed up the process of mastering a particular pose. Do not push, do not try to reach the right end position in the pose. Allow your body to do this yourself work, and it will make it much more quickly, efficiently and without injury. Your task is only to guide this process: relax, breathe correctly and visualize the desired position of the body. Yoga – this is an amazing journey in his inner world of goodness, truth and love. Love – means joyfully the desires of a loved one, to do everything possible to ensure that he rejoiced in this life. Love yourself, give yourself pleasure, starting to do yoga exercises.

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