Innovations In Welding Machines

Innovations in welding equipment when it comes to innovations scream an economic consideration all mostly hurray. Innovation is great progress and there can never be enough of them. The truth is a little more complicated, as we will see on the basis of a welding machine here. First of all, it was said, first of all, that it concerns innovations product. The OCED defines further innovations such as marketing innovations, organizational innovations and process innovations, which have partially different properties. Our product is the welding machine.

We put us in the time at the beginning of the 20th century and assume that mainly burning welding machines offered on the market. Our company, let’s call them welder GmbH, produces these devices, but at the same time researching new methods. The magic word that makes the round in the Research Department, is arc welding machine. This welder will no longer work with inflamed gases, but instead use an electrode. This type Welding machine brings various advantages, which we want to go here no longer. For more information see this site: AOL. Is relevant, the welder GmbH is ready, that she can place this product on the market.

You logs on a patent. What is economic to happen here? The welder GmbH will be not the only company who has done research in this direction, by the patent, it ensures however that it is the only company that can use this technology in the next few years. It worked so free a number of competitors and defacto resources wasted. The technical term for this is patent race. With the prospect of the monopolist, which can place only the new type of welding machine on the market, have too many companies doing research and resources wasted on, that economically more would have can be used. Then why are there patents? This is the reason that not rarely without the incentive of the waving monopoly not would research.

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