Talented Youth

So that such T-shirts – a choice Talented Youth. This shirt can be a weighty part of the image – this is another important reason. In the end, what prevents choose seven of the original T-shirts for every day of the week or even month, surprising those around every morning. Or you may even pick up T-shirts in the mood. Such a cool "t-shirt or jersey is the best choice for publication, if the event does not require to be in a suit and tie. Your relationship to the world, openly displayed on your chest as a slogan, motto or funny pictures, only add to your popularity and credibility, will help you become the center of the party. And here's another romantic reason.

Buy yourself and your loved one pair of T-shirts that will complement each other when you are together, cuddling, or just go forward. It's incredibly romantic. And the guy and the girl will appreciate this beautiful, original and delicate gift. Now the West is increasingly becoming fashionable to buy so-called "e" t-shirts, which begin to sparkle led hearts, when the two paired t-shirts are approaching each other closer than two meter. This is an amazing sight – a good opportunity to surprise a loved one. And move on to another important reason, which can be described in one word "gifts".

Surely everyone had to wander through shopping before birthday friend and a quiet horror to realize that in general no idea what to give. It would seem that humans have everything, but at the same time not want to give an absolutely useless trinkets that will deliver birthday on the shelf and forget about it – except that once a year smahnet dust cloth. In these cases, it can draw attention to t-shirts in our shop – then the gift will be combined everything – and a large proportion of jokes, and unexpected gift, and only the two of you understood the hint, and just a nice impression of quality and enjoyable for the everyday things out. Yes, and your gift will be exactly the most original at the festival. You can find many more reasons to buy "Funny" T-shirts or shirts. But probably the most important reason would be the one you invent yourself.

Fitting Jeans

In order to wear jeans – must first be ass! Especially if it's jeans with low waist. Even on something they should resist and not fall down at the wrong time. Naprmier when a lady sits, well, or bends, podyacht to the ground anything. If the lady no ass compensated layer of subcutaneous fat on the sides, the situation is even worse – then the jeans will be sliding down with even greater success. Since jeans are always bought less than the size of the stern of the ladies, then (subject to availability ass!) place for cowards simply do not remain.

Ladies must wear a vulgar invention 20 centuries – Thong and rope them to be located is already out hard jeans. In order to wear jeans – especially to be the brains. Especially if the lady is no ass is fat on the sides, and shorts do not fit into jeans. We must somehow guess wear a long shirt blouse or sweater to cover up the fact that traumatize the psyche of noble people in the field of vision which can get such a bum! Although these ladies who have a bum and brain – never dressed jeans slipping from the stern.