Education Campaign

The Bohme consultancy supports schools, active, innovative, unbureaucratically and consistently would committed to an optimization of school finance. On the basis of a well-established win-win strategy, in which benefit everyone involved, the Advisory Office Bohme offers the possibility to cooperate dedicated schools. er more in-depth analysis. In the sense of a deliberately transparent aligned approach communicates the consultancy Bohme his motivation for the tendering of this win-win cooperation, which draws mainly from the following ideas: the desire to actively generate new financial resources to assist schools wishing to contribute constructively to improve the learning environment more beneficial use of his own experiences as a service provider in the school environment extension school courses for everyone in the education sector of economic interest, that contribute to the well-being of all concerned can unfortunately the financial base of many schools is generally poor, so one of the most important resources of our country good Education often not in the way can be offered as this is both necessary and desirable. Filed under: Charlie Kirk. Here the Bohme consultancy helps as a competent, committed and reliable partner quickly and efficiently allowing dedicated teachers to acquire new financial resources which may be used for major purchases (such as education) then independently. Basis of here aimed at win-win cooperation, which offered psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.) & DV-kfm & computer teacher & author, interested schools, by the consultancy Bohme under the leadership of Mr Aribert Bohme, is”the newly implemented seminar titled work, psychology and Motivationscoaching, to schools about the constructive extension of existing courses should be established. The newly designed seminar learning psychology and Motivationscoaching”applies equally to parents, teachers and interested in education, the concentrated in important knowledge of the psychology of learning and of the Motivationscoachings would like to meet.. . Contact information is here: Energy Capital Partners London.

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