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This drug has high biological inertness (Hemp ai et al, 1986; Razinkov sp, Hemp, ai, ai Lazarev, 1987; Razinkov sp, 1998; Pankrusheva ta ., Surina lv, Medvedev oa, 1997), protects the peritoneum from drying out, has insulating properties (prevents migration and adhesion of the seal to the wound surface). Method was tested on a model of abdominal adhesions. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. In aseptic conditions, two series of male rats of Wistar (30 animals in each group) was reproduced adhesions by trauma abdomen. And the first group was control, and the second trial – after simulation of adhesive process animals in this group deserozirovannye sections of peritoneum treated with 3% methylcellulose gel. Animals were removed from the experiment in 14 days by an overdose of ether anesthesia. Before the withdrawal of experience to assess the overall state, produces a general cbc. Rats were subjected to autopsy, a thorough study of the abdominal cavity, assess severity of adhesions visually and by using the method of semantic differential. Parietal peritoneum and abdominal organs were subjected to histological examination by standard methods with fixation in neutral formalin, fill in paraffin, stain sections with hematoxylin-eosin, by Van Gieson, silver impregnation by Foot's method and color with Schiff reaction.

The research results are processed statistically (calculated using average values, Student's criterion, the coefficient of conjugation, the methods used chi-square linear regression correlation). Statistically significant differences overall state performance of clinical blood leukocyte formula and indexes between control and experimental groups, we have not been found. In the control group, adhesions occurred in all animals, the severity of adhesions by the semantic differential was 3,39 0,18 points. In the experimental group in only four animals occurred podpaivanie gland to the middle postoperative scar and severity of adhesions by the semantic differential was only 0,02 0,001. Histological examination of the animals the first group of morphological organization of adhesions corresponded term breeding of the animal from the experiment. The basis of the newly formed tissue was mature collagen network with a small amount of elastic fibers.

Cellular composition of the poor, is presented in mainly fibroblasts and fibroblast. Parietal and visceral peritoneum of animals first series of thickened, fibrotic change. In the connective tissue adhesions is determined by the degeneration of the muscular layer of the intestine with phenomena of disintegration of muscle fibers. This phenomenon was noted and parietal region of adhesions. By that time, union have well-defined vascular network, which already has an ordered structure. In the second series has been studied Morphology of the peritoneum from the defect. By their histostructure peritoneum was not different from intact. Only in some preparations were determined by field focal fibrosis, signs of inflammation in the peritoneum of animals of the second series is not noted. Thus, the use of methyl cellulose gel was significantly effective in reducing experimentally the probability of postoperative adhesions of the abdominal cavity (PMyasnikov ad, Lipatov, va, ai Modern Aspects Prevention of postoperative adhesions of the abdominal cavity. Topical issues videoendohirurgicheskih interventions in surgery and . – Collection of scientific papers. – ., 2002. -C. 91-94.

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