Contextual Ad And Keywords

Keyword selection – a key factor promoting kinds of queries. Midrange (MF), high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF) – in these three categories can be divided inquiries related to any subject. The boundaries between these categories are very vague and are defined as anything. This is because the number of keywords in different fields of human activity are very different. For example, according to Yandex, the frequency of keyword "Phones" about 7648295 times, and a key request "exposure meter" – a total of 600.

For one site the word "exposure meter" will be the most high-frequency, and the second – "telephone". Choosing keywords to promote the online store. The more high-demand, the more competition – this relationship must be understood in order to choose the right keywords. Than competitive direction, the more will it cost promotion shop. Promotion online store that sells exposure meter will cost a lot less expensive and requires less effort.

Consider the same examples. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ali Partovi. Promoting online store exposure meter can be the most high-demand for a given direction, because it is narrow specialization and competition here is very small. Promotion of internet store that sells phones, will depend on the budget. Promoting e-shop on vysokochastotnikam will be very expensive, using a set nizkochastotnikov can get out of position. In addition, most visitors come for the bass, is best quality audience. Using nizkochastotniki, you get more customers! Contextual advertising. Key words. Choosing keywords is less important for search engine advertising, when properly organized campaign, you can lose considerable amount of money and not getting results. Contextual advertising must comply with the request entered into the search engine. So you define your target audience, choosing keywords for your ad. For example, if you sell phones, you will not need visitors who are looking for programs to Fight the phone. From the above it follows that drawing up a semantic prfessionalnom yadranuzhdayutsya and promotion of Internet shopping and contextual advertising. This will allow you not only save money, but also bring in your own online store directly your target audience, not random people. Which subsequently must be repaid, and not only pay for advertising.

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