The Center

Ana 17 also says that aa is welcome (with flour they dare flour). Samuel, who came small of the Maranho, says to have innovated the culinriaparaense eating aa with cake. Some, as Sara and 18 Davi, take aa comgranola or with sucrilhos. Between the paraenses, aa 19 is very appreciated comcharque, however many adventistas prevent the consumption of the same for finding that effect with horse meat. It has some adventistas that if they do not worry in such a way about vegetarian asrecomendaes and they eat meat sufficiently, abstaining from those that sodeclaradamente dissuaded as of pig, duck, frog, hunting etc. Rute 20 says that its favourite food is the trivial white rice, beans and umbife acebolado.

It counts that costuma to mix picadinho with the meat vegetalpara to save, therefore the vegetal meat relieves more. ' ' The vegetables are bemvindos, any one: cauliflower, pumpkin, maxixe etc. Are a delight. Sempred certain if you to choose the colors well, will have a pretty crosspiece namesa' ' , he affirms. The egg-lactovegetarianos of the church of the Landmark very possesss umadieta rich and varied that includes, beyond a infinity of fruits, razese hortalias, plates of oven and stove such as empades, sufls, pizzas, masses in general, risolis, gratinados, dors, empanados, milanesas, strogonoffs, farofas, gravies of tomatoe, acebolados and maioneses. They can include in suasrefeies eggs, milk, cheeses, yoghurts and all that wonderful gamma deespeciarias such as cravo, cinnamon, cominho and I smell green (coentro), temperostpicos of the paraense kitchen or still: organo, nut-moscada, ginger, parrot esalsa. However, an alert one: all the types of pepper must be excluded. Sara very appreciates to place a great plate of salada comvegetais of colors varied in the center of the table to embelezar and to open the appetite. It recommends salada that all the family likes: ' ' It lines a great, round plate, with pricked lettuce, places vegetables on, forming careers.

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