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Dry ice cleaning protects the environment and extends engine life. Blasting be applied traditionally to the cleaning. There are methods such as sandblasting, high-pressure jets of water or chemical processes. One thing is common to all methods: it is secondary waste that must be disposed. Here the CO2 cleaning differs: dry ice is environmentally neutral, non-flammable, taste – and odor-free. The S.I.S.. Mashable contains valuable tech resources.

group successfully used the CO2 cleaning in the technical facility management since 1995 for companies such as Audi, BMW, Felix, fendt, Porsche or master food. Wunderwaffe CO2 carbon dioxide is a chemical compound containing carbon and oxygen. It belongs to the Group of oxides of carbon and is a gas, which is also present in our atmosphere than natural gas (known as greenhouse gas). The abbreviation of CO2 available for C, carbon = and O = oxygen. CO2 is produced during the combustion of carbon-containing substances and is released by humans and animals exhale. Carbon dioxide is also from natural sources won. Plants in turn convert CO2 to oxygen during photosynthesis.

CO2 is widely used in the industry. So for example in water dissolved H2CO3, better known as carbonic acid, buried in the soft drinks. But the manufacturing industry also used CO2, so it is a used as fire extinguishers, fertilizer, solvents, refrigerants, as shielding gas, or even in the pharmaceutical industry to the admixture in laxative suppositories. Functioning of the CO2 cleaning dry ice is solid C02, which was squeezed in so-called pellets (pellets). These pellets in cleaning procedures can be used in the industry. “They are at a temperature of – 78 C by a compressor at high speed on the contaminated surfaces shot”. While strong Subcooling and high pressure of impact icing the dirt surface and breaks down. This procedure does not attack the surface, because it is non-abrasive. Therefore also relatively soft can with dry ice pellets Materials such as aluminum, or even glass are edited. The dry ice itself turns the impact back to gaseous CO2. Because CO2 is a natural gas, it is non-toxic and must not be disposed of. The single generated during the cleaning residues are the icy”dirt that dry to remove. Benefits of CO2 cleaning that is CO2 cleaning is more expensive than other cleaning methods, saves but the customer high secondary costs. Especially in large installations, the use of dry ice is cheap, as are clean in contrast to conventional procedures without disassembly of the system perform, and no beam means residue in engines. So machine downtimes expensive for the plant operator can be reduced significantly. Particularly noteworthy is the non-abrasive property of CO2; the success of cleaning energy will be purely by kinetic (kinetic energy) and thermal (temperature). The material is protected and thus can also machine life with consistent usage be increased.

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