This project makes possible that the classroom if transforms into a workshop and the pupils in craftsmen of texts, providing to the educandos an immersion in the world of the reading, guaranteeing that all are expressed and been able to present with dynamism: dramatizando, telling, presenting teatrais, producing and presenting texts of informative character, journalistic, scientific parts, culinrias prescriptions, manual of instruction, etc. All will be defied to search and to produce its proper texts, in groups, using the different forms of organization literal in accordance with the especificidades of the literature of literary texts and not? literary. It will be of basic importance to work this project, because it will go to provide to the educandos an immersion in the world of the popular culture, reading and writing of texts with denotativa and conotativa language or not-literary and literary text, offering conditions so that it if becomes a laboratory of practical theory effectively and, using always of innovations in the form to present the productions. For this it will be used of verbal presentations, dramatizaes, declamations of poetries, presentation of journalistic, scientific texts or of informative matrix, at last, with much dynamism and creativity, without losing of sight the main objective that is to surpass the difficulties in the reading and the writing..

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