Single Point Of Contact

This service has as objective to supply an only point of contact (SPOC – Single Point Of Contact) to the internal users of the Customer. The Helpdesk is an area specialized in support technician the equipment of computer science and telecommunications, for telephone or saw access remote, with the objective to decide all the incidents and problems that the customers can have. The service of Helpdesk is recommended for any company, independently of its size and its area of performance. Opting to the terceirizao of the service, the company earns with the flexibility and the reduction of costs in the simplification of its structure. Free of all the concerns of the area of YOU, computer science, infrastructure, etc., the company can keep the focus of its team in Core business and increase its productivity. The Helpdesk works with SLAs market standards, offering flexibility in its structure.

In accordance with the necessities of each customer, other SLAs can be waked up. Our team is composed for professionals with qualification in best the practical ones of telephonic support, possessing knowledge and techniques that allow to diagnosis and to decide problems them of computer science related ' ' hardware' ' or ' ' software' '. The team of professionals of the Helpdesk is enabled in taking care of problems of the hardware (microcomputers, printers and other peripherals), basic software (MS Windows), applicatory of desktop (MS Office) and other applicatory corporative ones. In this last case it is necessary that the customer or responsible team supplies to training and documentation on the applicatory ones. In case that it is not possible to decide the problem in 1 level, this occurrence is directed for ' ' Attendance of 2 Nvel' ' , being able this team to belong to the Itautec, the customer or its suppliers. The Helpdesk will be dimensionado to decide the majority of the occurrences in 1 level.

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