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Noxum editorial system in use at the financial informatics the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, has implemented the Noxum publishing Studio at the financial informatics. Thus the IT service provider is the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppedie online-help for banking applications in the OSPlus portal, which serve the overall work processes in the German savings bank branches, build and maintain. The online help is regarded as important part of the user documentation which quickly and without much effort to answer questions dealing with the application users in the savings banks. In the framework of this project, the technical basis was created for a structured acquisition and quality assurance, as well as a centralized management of the user documentation at the financial informatics. Noxum has implemented the requirements on the content management system: the user experience is sponsored by uniform layout in the online help.

The authors are intimately linked to the editorial guidelines and the workflow, thereby complying with a uniform structure is achieved. The The possibility of versioning ensures traceability of changes to the text. Also, the new online help is designed that individual help texts can be stored for the individual savings banks Institute. With the Noxum publishing Studio capture and manage the content of the help pages computer science writers and editors of the financial. In the Noxum publishing Studio that clients access several hundred user – data and texts are planned. The forms-based editor of Noxum is used, which represents the structure of the documents as a form and conceals the complexity of the XML tree from the users to the editing of the XML content. The publication of the HTML online help carried out time-controlled and automated.

Noxum system when the financial informatics improved the technical and editorial quality of the online help, and made the management of the help pages on a modern and future-oriented basis. About the financial computer science the financial informatics (FI) with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main is the IT service provider of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe and one of the largest banks IT service providers in Europe. Its customers include 423 savings banks, 8 regional banks and the DekBank, 10 Landesbausparkassen and other companies of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe and the financial industry. The offer of financial informatics includes the entire IT spectrum from development and deployment of IT applications, networks and technical infrastructure across the data center operations to consulting, training and support. With the powerful banking solution of OSPlus, the company is today the leading IT system for the German banking market. Subsidiaries and affiliates as the financial informatics technology services, financial informatics solutions plus, the star financial and the inasys complete the IT portfolio. The financial acquires informatics service to 126.1 million accounts; on the systems over 90 billion technical transactions are carried out. The company has 4,932 employees, revenues amounted to some 1.5 billion Euro.

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