Russian Software

The company "Alley Software" participated in the interregional scientific-practical conference "The University Library: responding to challenges", held December 1-2 at the Urals State University. 110 participants conference (among them – representatives of 27 libraries of universities and IT-companies and publishing houses have come from 13 cities of Russia. The main question under discussion the speakers and the audience – the functioning of the university library in conditions of rapidly developing information society. Have been affected by the possibility of new services, increasing the role of libraries in the educational process, the issues of recruitment and knigoobespechennosti, increase the interest of students in reading, place the library in the World Wide Web and the introduction of social services to establish close contacts with users, the organization of educational work of the library. Considerable attention has been paid to the conference to provide access to electronic editions of teachers to students of universities. At the conference a round table "Electronic Library System: pro et contra, in which Representatives of five companies: Software Alley, Knigafond, Inc. "Direct-Media," "Biblioteh", and the educational and publishing center "Academy." Have been affected by all the important aspects of working with eletkronno-library systems from providing electronic access to publications to build the library information Dondo.

Specialist "Software Alley," Nikita Melnikov, spoke about various issues create internal systems at the university: standards and requirements of the GEF GER – including registration – to the DEC, the current situation in universities, the market data systems and the scheme of their creation. According to the speakers and listeners, the format of the roundtable, which involves an open discussion after the speeches, did talk very much alive and vibrant. "Because in a round stode were active simultaneously all the speakers, it was possible to clearly trace how the issue has been resolved each company and to objectively evaluate and compare the solutions proposed for the DEC. " – Said Nikita Melnikov, manager of "Alley of Software" – "were pleased plenty of questions, personal comments and opinions from the audience – Ural library region can rightly be called one of the most active. I would like to thank the organizers of the conference: the event was a bang, as listeners and presenters were pleased with the results obtained and a lot of new useful information. For those who have not had the opportunity to attend the conference, we posted a video recording of reports. "

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