Plant Construction

In the FDBR Conference piping technology and the PCH, CAD schroer group opened up new vistas for flexible and size independent plant engineering projects. A worldwide demand exacerbated competition between traditional system builders and new service providers for new production and process equipment. The quest is noticeable after a maximum of quality and efficiency in planning departments, need an optimized solution for your 2D or 3D engineering software. A leading source for info: amit paley. Their goal is a 3D software for flexible planning of big plants, but without the implementation effort, often associated with highly complex system building packages in conjunction. On the PCH, Conference for the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry in Lyon in France and the FDBR Conference piping technology in Stuttgart, the software experts from CAD schroer group presented the perspectives for efficient plant engineering.

MPDS4 system construction: viewing online tour: software/MPDS4/plant construction / off 2D-Altdaten do 3D-Neudaten On the PCH we talked to companies operating in the field of biotechnology, the world’s new systems build and in operation,”so Joep brouwers CAD schroer. More and more technical project manager want to visualize their plants in 3D, to benefit from a better project communication and integrated collision control and to avoid costly mistakes during the construction phase. While they don’t want to lose but their investments in existing 2D. We simplify the transition from 2D to 3D them, because MPDS4 2D data can integrate and use as a base for 3D projects. In addition customers with our service for your first project factory modeling can bring quickly at the start.” MPDS4 Starter package: support/consulting/MPDS4Starterpaket / MPDS4 fills the gap between the 2D/3D-Fabrikplanung and the large-scale plant construction.

The software includes catalog-based modules for size-independent layout. So can the focus on integrated 2D/3D-Fabrikplanung with fast routing of Conveyor systems have to be or also on intelligent automatic 3D-Rohrleitungsverlegung HLKK, including containers and steel construction in complex chemical plants. “Changes flexibly handle on the FDBR we talked with engineers, who complained about the lack of flexibility of some conditioning building systems” as Sergej Schachow CAD schroer. The current facility design process is iterative. Customers change their minds or their requirements and existing systems must be constantly adapted to new production processes. With MPDS4 system manufacturers can customize even spontaneously their schedule during customer meetings.

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