Microsoft Certified IT

Firebrand training, you will be certified in only 13 days Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) certification, which can be purchased at firebrand training, recognized as a validation of skills in Windows 2008. The training helps to manage mission-critical, current IT jobs taking maximum advantage of existing Microsoft technologies. While the skills are developed and new career opportunities open, like for example IT systems manager, enterprise security administrator, enterprise systems architect, systems administrator, network administrator, as well as enterprise security administrator. The building blocks of the Windows Server 2008 certification consist of three Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCTS) certifications, which serve to demonstrate the knowledge of the features and functionality of key technology areas of Windows Server 2008. That can demonstrate the level of your knowledge in a specific Windows Server 2008 technology and more Get MCTS certifications. These can prove your knowledge on different products, or build on an MCTS, obtaining a certification of the professional series.

For more information, see../mcitp_enterprise_administrator.asp candidates should in the following areas have experience: design of Windows Server infrastructure, evaluation and recommendation of new technology solutions, experience as an escalation point for infrastructure issues, development of client – and Server-best practices for other teams such as technology, development and operation, current attitude of policy for authentication, identity and access management, and provision of guidance on the implementation of security policies. Contact the infrastructure on multiple levels. Firebrand training provides first-class technical training in an \”all-inclusive\” MCITP enterprise administrator course package, which specifically focuses on the needs of the participants. Firebrand training provided for everything, so that participants only on the Can learn and focus the certification. \”About Firebrand training (www.firebrandtraining.

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