Educational Technology

Between the Spanish specialists, Sarramona Lpez (1994) affirms that the Educational Technology is that one that reflects on the application of the technique the resolution of educative problems, justified in effective science at each historical moment. It emphasizes the control of the education system and learning as central aspect and quality assurance, at the same time where it understands that the options more important they are related with the type of technique that agrees and as to incorporate it adequately. Currently, in Argentina, Litwin (1993) considers a conceitualizao of the field that recoups especificidade: ' ' we understand the Technology Educational as body of knowledge that, being based on you discipline scientific directed for the practical ones of education, incorporate all the ways its reach and answer the accomplishment of ends in the contexts partner-descriptions that confer it significao. The Educational Technology, is worried about the practical ones of education, the examination of the theory of the communication and the new technological developments includes enters its concerns: computer science, today in first place, the video, and TV, the radio, audio and impressos' '. INCLUSIVE EDUCATION TENOLGICA the technology has a basic paper in the society. It is around this technology, mainly of the technology of the information, that has created an enormous perspective of improvement in the life of the people in all aspects, are they, social, cultural or ambient. What we can observe is that the technology evolves more in the economic and social political aspects, when this evolution could is happening in the general brainstorming for problem. With the technologies of the information and communication, it had great changes in the form of the individual if to mainly communicate and to become related with the others, in what if di in relation to the learning and education of the people with physical deficiencies, or pupils special, thus becoming the technology of the information a potential tool of work of the professor to help in the concretion of the inclusion of the pupils with necessities special, therefore we cannot deny if we understand and we learn that the education is a right of all, then we cannot deprive these people that it usufructs of this technology.

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