Decorating a Country House

Decorating the walls in a country house often includes a variety of columns, cornices and sills, which can be painted with pearl paint. Worthy of special attention covering "flock" or as it is often called "chips". This type of finishing material is a set of three component parts: the liquid adhesive base, pieces of acrylic and varnish. Pieces of acrylic, called chips, may have a different shape and size, which gives the final form of the wall of an unusual color and charm. At the same time is not only the shape of inclusions, but their color.

In some case flock mimics the mussels, like other abstract pictures. Flock is applied to the well-prepared, ground, filled, and thoroughly dried the walls. Initially applied to the adhesive layer, which then, without waiting for it to cause drying acrylic particles. Adhesive should be applied evenly, it is best to use for this purpose soft wool roller. To speed up the drying of the adhesive layer of the finishing the walls of the farmhouse is best done at a temperature of 28-30 degrees. Acrylic particles are applied by a compressor or a special gun.

In this rush is not allowed. The work should be done carefully, taking care uniformity of distribution of acrylic particles. walls in a country house with flock together is best done by aligning the adhesive layer to the process of distributing it to acrylic particles. Decorating the walls of second home is often carried out under the antiquities. In this process the surface of the walls, reminiscent of his appearance ancient noble coating. Used for dyeing synthetic latex, which is causing great brush in a circular motion. The final effect is achieved by rubbing the walls of the special treatment with a sponge or damp cloth. After drying, the walls are treated with wax to give them a special smoothness and frosted shade. The wall has a beautiful view, and its color is not expensive.

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