The user PCs well secured and still carry a current IT – and software licensing overview Crown soft opus reports its inventory software i the completion of the second software inventory agent. Now, the software inventory on the network can be operated with opus i in two different ways. Either directly from the Administrator’s workstation from over the network, or alternatively, if the users computer through firewall are secured, with the second and new software inventory agent is loaded and executed over a home link on the users computer. This new agent is running even if the firewall in front of the users computer is switched and not for the agent was released. Incorrect network settings or changes of shares and other network security settings – such as the installation of new service packs do not obstruct the new agent also. The information stored in the inventory is very easy to get on a TreeView. All individual data will be tabulated prepares.

Opus i inventory is installed once centrally, for example on a “Server”. The start link for the agent can be created for each users PC in the startup folder. More work is not necessary. Gerhard Kron

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