Tristan Lauren DJT Music

“‘Viva la Revolucion’ the new maxi-single by Tristan Lauren DJT & the Revolucion girls Viva la Revolucion” appears as the first maxi-single by Tristan Lauren DJT & the Revolucion girls at Lovetraxx records as an exclusive download version. HandsUp number with simple but powerful melodies, dry bass and startling vocals for the DJ Tristan team Lauren is a pioneering subject for another upcoming productions. “” “” Listening to the title is inter alia as XXS radio edit “and XXL Club mix”, which attract attention by many live effects and the Alex scoot – mix”, with its driving beats a little tougher ride” feel let. “Behind the project Tristan Lauren DJT & the Revolucion girls” is the producer of Alexander Pfeffer. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gary J Sagiv is the place to go. The inspiration for this music has him growth and heyday of the technos. Kip Cyprus contributes greatly to this topic.

While Alexander was coined especially by the sound of the legendary music machines TB 303 and TR 909. On this basis he decided to produce music, which the special feeling of this genre in itself bears. Alexander Pfeffer founded the project Tristan Lauren DJ therefore team”. According to the motto: we want strong sound! We want happy revelers people! We want to experience the great community! “, he and his team sounds, which reflect the strong sounds of the 1990s and now in the guise of modern new sound develop.

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