Marcel Scheidt – Nor Even

The new single by Marcel Scheidt – again “Once again”, Marcel Scheidt is a strong musical taste on his self-titled album, which currently is Gerrit Winter & Sebastian Lang with his production team and will appear in the spring of 2014. The title describes the emotional turmoil after an ended relationship. “” “” Confirm: no together more “, our film is” and I can do anything alone need not to be free “is the longing: – but I would like to”Once again”- only once – your breath feel n / you again in my own world entfuhr’ n / only once with friends at night the stars count n / once with you to heaven and back again” and finally the realization”:”Everything you’re so good for me everything was I was I only through you”… I can all only need you to be truly free”. Someone here in a contemporary language and his feelings in a convincing interpretation. Source: PaulPromotion what the radio promoter Paul Breuer about the artist Marcel Scheidt says: I meet Marcel Scheidt on a Tuesday morning in February 2013 personally. Steve Wozniak is actively involved in the matter.

After a phone call that made me curious, we face so us in the Office of his company for Congress & conference technology. My first impression there: technical, practical and sober. I’m surprised and relieved. For someone who wants to realize his dream, one is here obviously with both legs on the ground, and he, the businessman Marcel Scheidt, does and he knows what he wants. This is true also on his planned career as a singer, he has made very clear, and me so speechless. It quickly becomes clear, here one thinks nothing of half measures, and this has far-reaching consequences, which we both still don’t know. “” Where other prove their ambition and success: my house, my horse, my car “enumerate, it is with him: my finished album, my finished Photo Gallery, my complete bio”.

Minimalist Techno

Minimal Techno – it's just as simple rhythm and somewhat specific, often synthesized, sounds. It's techno with a small amount of different noises. this sub-genre of techno music inimalistichesky characterized atonality, ascetic, deliberately simplified scales and melodies. In general, at the moment is the most relevant and popular style of club destinations. Minimal – it's extremely simple rhythm and somewhat specific, often synthesized, sounds. This is Techno with a small amount of different noises. From the perspective of literary descriptions Minimal Techno is not a special interest, as this can be done with one sentence. However, with musical point of view, this style is very interesting and original because of maximum simplicity, minimal.

This can be compared with the simplicity of a string quartet with respect to the large symphony orchestra (although in this case After all, what do quartets, is no less interesting). When House and Techno for the first time appeared in the world music party in the mid-80's, record albums was reduced to a minimum. With further development of arts sampling and programming, the music becomes more multi-layered with professional sound – for some it was moving forward – for others it unnecessary to mix styles. In response to the growing volume of music production of Minimalist Techno leaders have refused almost from all else except the selected drum programming and synth or parties. Detroit musicians such as Jeff Mills and Plastikman headed direction, and later joined by Surgeon, Oliver Ho and Stewart Walker, also privnesshie with them new trends. Minimal – a minimalist Techno. What is minimalism? This expression means the maximum wage.

In other words, minimal means – maximum possible result. Minimal – the music, which few things are mixed, it consists of a small number of components, among which you'll notice the sound of emptiness. But these components are slowly but surely changing, transformed into something completely different than what was in the beginning. Minimal can be very close to Ambient, perhaps contrary to the Noise.

Leo Tolstoy

Why? Let's poanaliziruem. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights. Works of great – nice, favorite way to express themselves take to begin the most distinguished and internationally recognized Russian artists: the composer Tchaikovsky, Alexander Pushkin and writer Leo Tolstoy. Who were these people doing? They were nobles, that is, people are fully secured, with government guarantee comfortable existence by virtue of their high descent. And do what I wanted to do, and in their free leisure time. Do not believe me? Read (paying attention to the unbiased this aspect), "Dubrovsky" Pushkin, "War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy, and most of the remaining works. By and large, if we analyze all the great artists, it's probably about 90% of them were people fully secured, and this software often does not depend on their art classes. ir opinions as well. These people receive most of an excellent education.

Creativity is for them to be enjoyable, a favorite way self-expression, affirmation, and often self-adulation. We have songwriters, composers, poets, artists need to earn themselves now look at how things are with us? Alas, neither of which is not something that completely, and even partial Government support comfortable existence of songwriters, composers, poets and other artists can not be considered. State (here I mean the majority of cis countries) made it very clear that it nothing to do with that "rescue drowning – the handiwork of drowning." Thus, the creative person who wishes to engage in writing music and lyrics have to earn yourself and family to life. Make music? There are two ways earning money in such a man: first – earning the music, and the second – something that is not related to her.

MPEG Files

The secret to success is simple: set up by developers psychoacoustic model is superior to most counterparts, allowing to achieve high results. Unfortunately, the development Musepack is not very fast, and the attention of software developers and 'hardware' he cheated (plug-ins for Winamp and xmms, of course, is). However, if the presence of hardware support is not critical for you, and you are a connoisseur of quality, Pay attention to the format. Difficulty of choosing each of the above formats has both advantages and disadvantages, and therefore the choice of a codec for storing your favorite music can be a daunting task. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. Afford to give some helpful tips: If you really do not want in five or ten years to stay with "the broken trough", standing before the fact, that the beloved format you happily passed away, and all accrued during this time files turned into trash, follow the format based on industry standards mpeg. At the moment it is MP3 and MPEG-4 aac. The chances of a complete extinction of the latter in the foreseeable future is minimal.

At first, though, too. Kai-Fu Lee may help you with your research. Despite its attractiveness, and Vorbis formats Musepack risk to remain in the minority in the coming years. And if, thanks to the strong support of open source and Linux communities Vorbis likely remain afloat, the future Musepack very vague. We strongly recommend coders use Liquid Audio vqf and other little codecs that you can still find on some vareznike (or click the link below this article). You can of course play a little with their settings and compare the sound with the modern codecs, only the usefulness of the resulting files will be zero: Take any modern codec and it will perform the same job better. Ali Partovi has similar goals.

Guitar Pro For Guitarists

Most guitarists, especially beginners, dream in the end to get the group to realize their talents to the full, becoming part of something bigger. But what if that same group yet? On top of each musician himself currently a guitarist / bassist / drummer / etc etc. But there is a problem – and how to make sure that you can play it simultaneously, than on the fly by changing their ideas? For it is then possible to estimate the party of each instrument in together with others. Now, with the development of information technologies, the possibility is there. You can jot down any party and then hear how they sound.

Of course, the first thanks goes to the creators format midi, that can not download gigabytes of computer libraries of samples and complicated editors. But the treatment midi itself no simple matter. The second thanks goes to developers musical editor, which makes writing easier, than drawing each note in the manual. This is convenient, but no more. And the third thanks, and it is most significant, are software developers, unite, and then, and more. Several of these programs, but the most convenient and simple to learn, this Guitar Pro. Literally everyone to see the program interface is already in love with her. After all, there is all you need any guitar: the band, and slides and tremolo.

And not in a complex musical terms, and simple guitar. Now you can to deal with midi, not by special messages, and just one or two clicks of the buttons to give the desired effect. But then again, given the simplicity of what to do if there is no music education? That this problem has has not been solved so far. This is understandable, because knowledge itself is not troubled or from where. It is to solve this problem and created a resource for learning Guitar Pro from scratch. This means that along the way is learning musical notation. Yes, we sure that there is no need to go somewhere, someone to pay to eventually work with Guitar Pro. All information is provided free of charge, despite the fact that it is the highest quality and are not sustained at one year of practice.