First, to create a corporate identity online – shopping need at least 4 days. Pete Cashmore follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. If you are asked to choose finished design – should be abandoned because at the first index of search engines (Yandex, Google, etc.) will compare your web site from a competitor with the same design as you and will be removed from the index (in Internet slang, is called 'bonding' with other resources). Even if search engines do not 'stick together' your store to others, like yours, then they will do it later, knock the competition. of this. The result will be one – all the work and money to smarku dumped waste. Secondly, the need to store fill a commodity to be for one day to place impossible, and the filling will be any financial cost if you hire someone to do it, or your time.

As for cost – I can say one thing: exclusive design of the site is worth 10,000 rubles (less takes a professional designer for the project) plus the cost of the software store. Now let's talk about software for online stores. Under Software I see a set of scripts client-side web store and part of the administration (a set of scripts or set of programs). The client part – scripts, which mainly interacts user. It usually includes: 1) Home. It may be a storefront, a list of groups of products or brands that are selling store, or something else – it depends on the developer. 2) page with a list of categories goods.

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