Installing or Reinstalling a Software

Sooner or later every pc user faces the unstable operation of the system. Dominance of malware, viruses or "crazy" handle, and already the computer is running (if running), is not stable and quickly as we would like. How to organize reinstall the software to quickly and easily? In this article, we will not contact you regarding ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of unlicensed or cracked software. A look at some algorithm or sequence of actions when reinstalling system and programs. Underwritten only applies to users who use software from Microsoft company So, first of all, do not forget about the preservation of information from the system drive, such as: documents, files, saves (saving) games or saves your projects that are necessary for your business, keep where you want it. Ok, have coped with this problem, go to the next step. Reboot your computer and go in the bios, it choose to boot from a cd or dvd, press F10, confirm the action and the drive is inserted installation disc required operating system. Seems like all the items related to the destruction, creation and formatting the system disk partition, and remember that at the first reboot should once again go into the bios and set boot from hard drive, cd or dvd set for the priority of the second or third (if your configuration, for example, two hard drives).

Well, a nearly equal amount of time claimed by the manufacturer of your computer, fresh, net, still nothing more than unencumbered operating system. What is it going to do? First of all, you need to install drivers for devices that run on your computer, and then for peripherals. Can recommend the following: periodically visit sites of manufacturers of computer hardware and download the most "fresh" drivers for your hardware and peripherals. Remarkably, with this position now the question is too closed, and you can proceed to the next step Virtually all watch movies and listen to music on the computer. Therefore, you must install the codecs that provide this capability. On the internet their great number, find and download no problem. Installed codecs, and now it's time to think about, and with what program to watch movies and listen to music.

Then again, Google and the Internet to help you the simple reason that every man to his own taste, to whom they like, and what set of functionality incorporated into the developer program and therefore you need. So, with that, too, find out what's left? A remains in general it is not so much of a standard set of software: this is what will help you solve the problem of office character, a good dictionary, Ultra-secure firewall and antivirus. In principle this is sufficient to commenced or continued operation of your computer. And the choice of a complementary or alternative software, such as: e-mail client, browser, download manager, file manager, a client file-sharing networks, virtual drive, graphics viewer and other and other and other – read carefully surveys and forums. Good luck!

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