Orange Tree, Straight To The Table

In the recent edition of BioCultura, held in Barcelona, we had also the chance to meet those responsible for environmental Oranges, a company dedicated to sending certified organic citrus tree directly to your home. A new form of consumption appears to Network and it consolidates. makers give us “- By now we have two acres of orange trees. We collected around 50,000 kilos of oranges a year. They are ecological, and have its certificate. The sent directly to the consumer. The deal is done directly between the consumer who buys and us, without intermediaries.

We are a small family business and is the first time we come to BioCultura. At last other forms of consumption began to grow and prosper as a response to the crisis in the current system. ” Also ecoverdura Oranges picked and transported from Carcaixent, Valencia, a crop of about two hectares properly certified. Jordi Alcaniz, small business owner, admits: “- Customers know us through the Internet and specific publications. In BioCultura has been excellent. I’ve got a lot of contacts and people have shown enormous interest in this type of oranges, which are of excellent quality. This type of direct trade through the Internet, will continue to grow, because it has many advantages.

Everything is straightforward. “Jordi insists:” – If you order today, tomorrow oranges are at home in the morning. “Beginning next July, the company also will operate the site, with vegetables and products withdrawn from the garden of the two partners of the company. The image of Jordi Mariscal He says: “- True, the image of the company, we made Javier Mariscal, who is a customer of ours for some time and will love our oranges. One day I said he needed to modernize our image. “So Jordi oranges were part of a BioCultura lunch and had a devastating success. It is our orange, earth, ecological, served directly by the farmer, an affordable price … These oranges are much more than organic oranges: they are an alternative to the current system of global speculation and theft from food production.

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