Extreme Resistance Of PrintoLUX Markings Leads To Boom In Demand

More prestigious new clients: identification technology of PrintoLUX takes off where extremely resistant and printed in photo-realistic quality labels and signs are used, advocates the power of the PrintoLUX process always more around. The thermohartende digital printing was developed less than 5 years ago and wins a prestigious clients in the industry after another. In the reference list of the PrintoLUX GmbH have in the first months of 2010 as companies such as Carl Zeiss surgical GmbH (oberkochen), Samson AG (Frankfurt/M.), Alstom Power Service (Mannheim) or oSWAG Werft Linz AG registered. Fill it no less familiar names such as ABB, BASF, BOSCH and DAIMLER. Especially in the industrial plant engineering, the markings for cables, sensors, valves, motors, and other plant parts are exposed often high loads due to heat, oils and other chemicals.

Was to protect the markings and their readability, and it is still common in these situations, printed Signs to engage in appropriate plate and labelling devices/cables/wires to place them. With first offered direct printed signs to use, and thus the loading and the use of sign makers to save, it made bad experiences: The resistance of the pressure had very mismanaged. In many places you therefore to basically sign in shield-bearers “returned. Extreme resistance of PrintoLUX marks a new situation leads to boom in demand and new listening in the industry created the young and innovative printing process by PrintoLUX. This digital marking pressure reaches the high resistance, which are indispensable for industrial use through its materials and a Thermohartung of pressure.

The procedure is inexpensive, leads to large simplifying the process for the production of labels and has an exceptionally high in several extreme tests, which were conducted by independent experts (TuV) Demonstrated resistance. All of this has increased the demand for PrintoLUX so dynamically that the sales figures of the year in June were higher than the total sales of the year 2009 allowed easy handling label printing in-house at the 3 printing system offered PrintoLUX to purchase is the Assembly FB-3 because of the size of the printing area and the printable material thicknesses for industrial use. The acquisition compared with other printing systems work stations cheap and at low cost in the production process to integrate. PrintoLUX makes label printing in-house so easy, takes over the pressure if necessary as well as traditional services.

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