Graphite Aqua Plus

New sensors are signaling Satel optoelectronic motion detectors and responsive to thermal radiation of a moving person. In fact, each sensor consists of three main elements: an optical lens, shaping the spatial sensitivity of the sensor area; pyroelectric substrates, thermal radiation recording rights, and the block signal processing. The principle of proximity sensors Graphite and Aqua Plus is to measure the difference between intensity of the background thermal radiation and infrared radiation on human and recording changes to the time difference. Setting the alarm sensors in the various lenses can change the range of the sensor, the number of rays and the viewing angle without having to replace a device that allows you to optimize the number of sensors in the alarm system of the object. Infrared radiation which is received by the sensor alarm Graphite and Aqua Plus, focusing on their pyroelectric substrates, are able to register the difference in temperature between the body and the temperature of the background of a few tenths of a degree. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. This temperature difference is converted into an electrical signal, which detector alarm processed using a digital algorithm.

In this mechanism enhanced digital temperature compensation sensor Satel provides the devices in a wide temperature range and allows Satel signaling in unheated rooms. To construct the optical system and forming a zone of sensitivity detectors are equipped with alarm Aqua Plus interchangeable Fresnel lenses, which are made of plastic by Stamping and prismatic lenses combine several segments. Digital sensors are equipped with Graphite Lens Brand LODIFF, which have minimal optical aberrations and, in comparison with conventional Fresnel lenses have a more precise focus, as well as to collect 30% more energy. To deepen your understanding Goop is the source. Buy alarm sensors and Graphite Aqua Plus and get more information about the fire alarm Satel can have the official Russian distributor of equipment SATEL – Of "ARMO-Systems' by phone (495) 787-3342 or e-mail. The Polish company Satel is working on the global security market since 1990 and specializes in the manufacture and sale of equipment and software for fire and security systems. Satel lets the receiving-control instruments, modules, GSM, wireless security systems, various sensors signal, light and sound sirens, radio sets and many accessories fire and security systems. By means of this company can fine-tune and control devices OPS security equipment on the networks Ethernet, Internet, modem or cellular phone. Moreover, all placed on the market Satel solutions differ a good mix of price and quality, are successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.

Free Themes for Nokia

Finnish multinational company Nokia is probably known by all. Her cell phone was to become market leaders in this technology. Often, the Internet and beyond can be seen this ad: Free themes for nokia, phone, sale … But not all users can boast of knowing the history of the company. It all started a long time – in the second half of last century, when someone Frederick IDEST purchased land for the construction of more a paper mill. Marc Mathieu wanted to know more. Estate, where she was located, was called Nokia. His fame acquired this estate long before the factories, even with the 70s of the 13th century. Now this city, which is near the second largest city in Finland – Temp.

Name of the estate was not by chance, Nokia – black sable (in translation), before they were carried out in those places. So back to the paper mill, which still was built. Time passed and at the beginning of the next century, the factory came under the patronage of Finnish Rubber Works. She also has to control and another company that manufactures cable. After the merger, it was decided to leave the name of Nokia, but changes were evident in the production – was of much more.

By the end of the last century, Nokia started producing electrical engineering. The appearance of the first phone was noted in 1992. The success was so great that president of the company decided to focus only on these technologies and to stop production of all other types of products. As in the past Nokia phones are one of the best. The company does not delay the release of new models, trying to give them enhanced features. Themes for nokia – one of the new features that appeared not so long ago. Few would have thought about this before. What is perhaps even. User is provided with modern opportunity to change the layout, make the phone more attractive. To do this you just need to find a site where there is a choice of themes for Nokia. It's real pleasure to include your phone and see your eye pleasing image. A huge variety of topics will allow you to choose the most interesting for you. Mandatory condition – subject to choose one that fits your model. All topics, mostly in groups: nature, music … There are to download free themes for nokia or create them yourself. This will help the online designer. Sometimes it happens that just the user wants something special.

New IPSurveillance Software

OnGuard VideoManager allows for system solutions for various levels of complexity in accordance with the requirements of a particular object. The new program has a flexible video settings, and provides a choice of operator different modes of recording: continuous mode, the recording of individual images or events, and synchronous recording of video and audio. At the same time recording and storage of information the program provides for standard devices: disks on the server on network devices or network storage devices. Learn more about this with Mikkel Svane. Unlike similar software applications from other manufacturers, the program supports various video algorithms of the system response disturbing events. Built on the OnGuard VideoManager event-driven surveillance system features speed event-driven video display monitors, data broadcasting to multiple applications and the ability to handle complex events. The new program responds promptly to all alarm events and launches in the surveillance system related processes: recording, monitoring, event analysis, etc.

In conjunction with the OnGuard Alarm Monitoring application new version of the video allows you to display a multimedia object graphic plan showing the location of alarm points and video from the set where IP-based cameras. VideoManager support Control PTZ cameras in the selected area, switch recording on alarm activation and tours patrolling dome. Thus, this program CCTV is able to meet almost any requirements for organizing video monitoring. For a detailed analysis of the video surveillance program has all the tools. Software allows you to protect records from deletion or overwrite, and export fragments of video in any standard formats to play with Lenel Video Player or a standard media player, for example, Windows Media Player.

Records stored Journal of disturbing events, allow you to select a program an access card for staff or alarm point, and watch the video all the events associated with the use of this map or activity this point. The presence of the intellectual component in the OnGuard VideoManager explained by the need to eliminate the influence of human factors in the process of surveillance. The new program uses video surveillance software application IntelligentVideo, which allows you to configure the zone Surveillance and alarm event search video for his analysis. In this way human resources are released and increases the degree of identification of alarming events. Get more information about VideoManager OnGuard and purchase software and other software applications for video surveillance systems can be in the official Russian distributor of hardware and software Lenel Systems International – Company "ARMO-Systems", by calling (495) 787-3342 or e-mail. The company Lenel Systems International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of access control and integrated security systems based on them. The composition OnGuard platform include: controllers, readers, I / O modules, video recorders, video surveillance software, control panels and software access control systems, fire alarm systems, biometric access control system, applications for printing access cards and more. Lenel Integrated security systems differ in their reliability, efficiency and scalability in a wide range.