Drink Milk

Americano – espresso with an extra portion of hot water. To prepare the U.S. must first prepare espresso Dopp of 15 grams of coffee and 120 ml of water. The extraction no more than 20-25 seconds! After the drink is diluted with water, heated to 92 C in a ratio of about 1:1. There are two ways to add water. At first the water immediately topped the finished drink. In the second poured into the cup first boiling water, then add the espresso. AOL: the source for more info. Pay close attention to the quality of coffee served to you.

Coffee shops of Kiev, especially the small stalls often served "his version of" American. Instead of adding hot water, they increase the extraction of coffee in the coffee machine 50 seconds or more. This procedure spoils the delicate flavor of American. It turns out bitter, burnt taste with, and the amount of harmful tar and carcinogens makes it injurious to health. Faulty or improperly cooked US tasteless, but he has clearly expressed a sour aftertaste. Particular attention should be paid Penke, if the surfaces of white spots – so in a drink too high caffeine content.

Cappuccino – coffee with milk, the most "romantic" of coffee drinks. Properly prepared cappuccino is one third of espresso, one third of hot milk and one-third of the milk foam. Standard serving cappuccino approximately 150 milliliters. The quality of cappuccino can be checked by putting a spoonful of sugar on the foam in the cup. When the foam is a good whip, sugar remains on its surface. Also, within a minute or foam You can stir the coffee with a spoon, and it does not find itself in a cup of coffee. The taste, a good cappuccino – is self-sufficient and needs no added sugar. Latte – layered coffee drink consisting of milk, espresso and milk foam. This is a very soft drinks, sweet milk taste different, because one part espresso has three parts frothed milk. The volume of finished beverage to 300 milliliters. Served it in a glass or ayrish-high glass. On the basis of a latte, there are many different cocktails, such as a latte with cinnamon, ice latte, hazelnut latte, latte ice cream, chocolate latte with whipped cream. In the drink and add a variety of syrups. The most successful is a combination of coffee latte with black currant syrup. Also prepared alcoholic cocktails, such as a latte with rum or amaretto with. Especially delicious latte with liquor Baylis (Baileys). Frappe – coffee, chilled ice chips. Drink fairly young, and has the classic recipe. Each prepares a frappe in their own way. The obligatory ingredients are Dopp (double espresso), milk and ice. Also, frappe may contain different additives. In winter, more likely to use chocolate, honey, cream, nuts, and summer – fruit and vegetables. Served a drink in a glass-ayrish or in a tall glass for cocktails, and always with a straw. We should not forget that for the preparation of good coffee drink you should carefully choose and buy the coffee well-established brands.

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