Ankert University

Action elapses in the California city in the Ankert University, and his characters are: Alisha and Abday, in authentic characterizations of characters in this beautiful film that debate between comedy, romance, and its social content directed by the talented film director who is: Jugal Hansraj, and played by actors and actresses from the high cinematic stature such as: Uday Chopra. Who plays to Abhay, Priyanka Chopra, who plays Alisha, Dino Morea…playing a special character, Anupam Kher, Sa’dah, among others. Alisha is a Princess, she is the prettiest of all the girls and all the girls want to be like Alisha, a beautiful girl by which the energy flows like leaves in the wind, and that any man feels that his heart is beating much stronger. She is one of these beautiful young women that has a row of boys in love with her, and with a single click of your finger are willing to please her in every whim that have, and all, all love it. Further details can be found at Peter Asaro, an internet resource. Why anyone is surprised when Abday, discovers that he loves her, while he is nothing more than a clumsy boy ostracized by their social class, that uses large glasses very common within the students of science, away from his own world, his neighbors, but he loves too much, far beyond what he has seen through its computer programs and easy purchase shops, and it does not know that there are people like Alisha, ideal woman, which throughout his life, who discovers her, she has been in love and I have hence where comes this almost impossible love, or possible. This is a story of contrasting proportions between two beings different and away by their social class, are how a man as Abday, can love a woman like Alisha?, and is that it begins the true story of the film. Abday understands that secretly all his life has been in love with her, and one day with a very high degree of value, goes to Alisha and he expresses his true feelings, and although aware that she will never approve a relationship between them, decides to confess her love. .

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