OpenOffice Writer

And even if in mathematics lessons apply common Arabic numerals (though the Roman beautiful), it would be logical to teach children the most common os. In the end, taxi drivers are not taught on tractors. And for want to learn Linux is a specialized colleges, and the self has not been canceled (in terms of hobbies). Precisely because the correct choice of target (and more specifically – the user) audience of Windows has become a mass product, and remains in this status. And in school, please remember, we have to prepare a pc user.

About the use of Windows in the formation of many written in the spirit of "implanting Windows at school, at public expense, we prepare the user for the merchant-monopoly, but also pay for the monopolist to license the school operating. I draw the attention of the reader that this is not a problem school, it is a problem of the state – for a single information-sharing needs a single system, and if necessary, then replacement system should be conducted throughout the state, not just in education. Under the "single system" here refers not only compatible file types (in the end, the odf files are opened and in ms Word 2007 and OpenOffice Writer 3.0, and pdf format immediately created as a cross-platform), but also a system to train technicians and users. Please provide the reader not to assume that in these two paragraphs, tried to prove the superiority of Windows (after all, the taste and color are all markers are different, and if someone more like Linux, we honor him and praise).

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