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In written texts, a correction software can help here. The Duden spell-checker, for example, checks not only spelling and grammar, but also the style of the text. You attention the writer also on English foreign words and can encourage him to replace them with German terms. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. The “Duden” speller integrates program as well as in all common Office applications. So, the user can check letters, emails, and other texts not only unintended errors, but also on foreign words and. “” Depending on the receiver the author can then decide whether he continues to cancel”and reading” want or would rather Cancel “and rest”. (1) press/press releases/130608-setting-the-German-the language / about Duden as authoritative instance for the German language respects the Duden publishing not only on what’s new permanently move into everyday language, but provides with its diverse product range for that current regulations independently at any time is everyone from the individual situation of the use of available. This offer includes also the by the Duden-language technology-developed and marketed solutions and applications for the error-free professional written communication and quality assurance by authorities and companies.

The language technology solutions Duden spelling checker, grammar checker and word breaker to access the most comprehensive and up-to-date editorially clean word stock of the German language and can be flexibly integrated into existing processes and software solutions. You have been sold since 2001, and considered to be leading in the market. Duden correction software is today among other things as a single-user version, network solution and as an integral part in Office programs, composition, and content management systems, translation systems, E-Mail-provider and Financial management software deployed and used by millions of users on business and private. Corporate solutions for more information on the Internet at. A documentary credibility win by correctly spelling”of the Duden Publishing House is at watch? v = available at 6vht1YPGICE. The footage is available for media use in parts or as a whole to provide free. The interface for raw material via the below specified agency contact. Contact: Bibliographisches Institut GmbH Dr. Gamal Morsi management program marketing Duden – language technology Duden 6 68167 Mannheim telephone: + 49 621 3901 340 fax: + 49 621 3901 76 340 E-Mail: Xpand21 GbR Doris of Orlando Langley novel RT 10 80639 Munich Tel. + 49 89 12 00 72 77 E-Mail:

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