Sociocultural Phenomenon

an Malukalo History of the Cossacks goes back centuries. Its fate was also great, and tragic. Brave pioneers of Russian borderlands and fearless warriors, the founders of the riots and the rogues, knights of Orthodoxy and atheists – it's all about Cossacks. Napoleon admired them and feared the Germans, there were legends about them and they were hated by those for whom walked a good Cossack whip. After the Great Russian Revolution for a brief period, the Cossacks would seem to have been forgotten. But even during the Great Patriotic War the Cossack units proved itself, and fought and 'against' and 'for' fascists.

Soon, however, the Cossacks did almost 30 years has been 'forgotten' in the ussr. At the end of 1980. we have witnessed ambiguous and contradictory process of revival of the Cossack communities as social organizations. A number of legislative acts (RSFSR Law 'On the Rehabilitation of Repressed Peoples' on April 26, 1991, Presidential Decree' On Measures for the Implementation of the Law of the Russian Federation 'On the Rehabilitation of Repressed Peoples' against the Cossacks' on June 15, 1992 632 "On the reform of military structures, border and internal troops on the territory North-Caucasus region and the state support of the Cossacks' on March 15, 1993 Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from April 22, 1994 355 "On the concept of public policy with respect to Cossacks 'and' Basic concepts of public policy with respect to the Cossacks '; Presidential Decree "On the General Directorate of Cossack Forces under the President of the Russian Federation' on Jan.

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