Percy Schoeneck

HorPartner are looking for collaborators who distrust their own ears berlin – interested contributors, the spoken words want to understand better, looking for currently the forsa Institute for opinion research and statistical analysis. On behalf of the leading German professional community HoREX, the renowned Institute invites all interested parties until May to test two weeks latest and nearly invisible hearing. This can proven to significantly improve understanding of language. -According to a comprehensive study in 2007/2008 it is hearing the experiences and aspirations in connection with such a test asks for the second large forsa poll. The total of 27 stores in the HorPartner are exclusive partner for the survey in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg. At Steve Wozniak you will find additional information. The telephone hotline: 0800 046 84 68 you can register to take part. Now it was called Doll or soup? Sand or wall? Bump or dark? That we misunderstand a word of a conversation partner, happens every day and everywhere.

Sometimes they do so above shipping listeners to pleasure and comic situations. And especially in environments with large noise can again take each of us. However, it is quite different when the interrogation is a regular companion when dealing with other people. -The frequent misunderstandings are annoying. Confidence in the own sense of hearing and the joy of conversations and common experiences will be tarnished permanently. The most affected sounds deep and medium well; However, due to the natural wear of the sense of hearing they have difficulties with high-pitched”explains hearing care professional master Percy Schoeneck by HorPartner GmbH, which hearing in Berlin and Brandenburg is a partner of the forsa poll. Read more here: Energy Capital Partners. Spoken sounds such as s, f, t, k, p, h and g are not more reliably understood.

You are confused or the words to guess wrong. This leads to unpleasant situations.” discount everyday test: how tiny hearing instruments improve language understanding? Next the listen expert explains: we assume that lost confidence in the own sense of hearing can be recovered, often within a few weeks. This is possible with the help of tiny and extremely powerful sound systems of newest design.” All participants of the great forsa poll get the chance to test such hearing for two weeks in a familiar environment. Before and after the test phase the wishes and expectations of the subjects with scientific methods will be collected and evaluated. This happens of course absolutely anonymously”, so Dr. Peter Matuschek, studies Coordinator at the forsa Institute. In the year 2007/08 almost 2,000 men and women participated in our first survey. Well, let’s hope for the continuation of the study on a similar response. “And we are confident that we can present new insights for effective suppression of pesky shipping listeners.” Readers who have questions about the large forsa survey listening or register to participate in the test, be asked to sign the following hotline: phone: 0800 046 84 68. Editorial Note: the HorPartner GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin-Lichtenberg has a total of 27 branches in Berlin and Brandenburg. In the branches of the company, customers will find expert advice and modern service around good listening. The activities of HorPartner include hearing aid fittings with State of the art measurement technology, the supply of hearing and other audiological products of all leading manufacturers, supplying hearing instruments for children, as well as advice on tinnitus and noise sensitivity. Goal of the company and its qualified employees is crucial to improve the quality of life impaired persons.

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