But this did not happen. And if oil-based paint still produce, then it's someone who needs it. Oil paints are made on the basis of artificial or natural drying oil. First, that is mixed pigment, which is more than just a color, then add the rest. Then the paint is diluted to the desired thickness. To improve the quality of the paint on Paint frays.

Oil paints are considered the most reliable and durable in oredelennoy situations they can be used for both internal and exterior finish. Distinguish gustotertye (bred to use linseed oil in an amount of 17-40%) and ready to use oil paints. As we have said, the binder for oil paints are linseed oil, derived mainly from vegetable oils. This type of communication known to mankind, perhaps the most long. Externally, the varnish – clear liquid, stained in dark brown or light brown in color.

Drying oils are classified according to their composition and purpose. In terms of composition distinguish three groups – oil, alkyd, and others. Processed oil is thus acquires the ability to harden (dry out). More accurate to call the process of hardening by polymerization, in which is a set of strength and hardness of the film. The drying can be accelerated by the introduction of the paint curing accelerators already mentioned – driers (2-4% vol.). Sunflower oil varnish dries more slowly than flax and hemp. Sunflower varnish film is elastic, but the hardness, strength and water resistance is less than that of flax or hemp films of linseed oil. Natural drying oils are used for the manufacture of paints and gustotertyh, ready to use for interior and exterior. Contact information is here: Koch Brothers. Linseed oil and linseed oil combined 'Oksol' derived from vegetable oils compacted by a special chemical treatment and dilution of up to 45% of volatile solvents. Oxidized linseed oil oksolem obtained by oxidation of heated sunflower oil during prolonged passage of air in the presence of catalysts (oil is oxidized and thickens.) When you add to this thickened oil solvent (such as mineral spirits), the transparent product with normal viscosity.

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