Night Vision Sights

It is absolutely clear that any hunter always wanted to see the purpose in a variety of conditions, regardless of the light, natural, weather conditions and other atmospheric factors. Modern technologies allow to do it. So, here is some general information about night vision devices (NVD). Night vision device can be divided according to their actions: – Passive night vision devices. Converts the reflected light from objects outside sources. Operate in the visible and near infrared (IR) range. – Active night vision equipment. Use a special illumination of objects using infrared diodes or lasers.

Operate in the near infrared range. – Thermal. Work in the far infrared spectrum and use the principle of converting the image of heat radiation target and surrounding objects. Practical interest for the consumer-hunters are primarily all IR devices, since the cost of thermal imagers still quite high. As for the infrared device, the best results show, of course, active night vision equipment. Only that: the active radiation can be detected by instruments and hand position unmask. This prevents their use in the military, but hunters this fact does not interfere.

Night vision device consists of the following elements: optics, electron-optical converter (EOC), power supply, as well as housing and eyepiece. Light reflected from an object passing through the lens, is projected onto the image intensifier entrance, where an electronically magnified and transmitted to the eyepiece. It is clear that the quality of consumer night vision device is directly dependent on the quality of the above elements of the device. What helps to make an accurate shot? The shot, which is the logical conclusion of any hunting. Of course, training, experience, and keen eyesight … But the possibilities of the human eye has its limits, and the arrow came to the aid of technology – there scopes. The sight is to clearly and accurately distinguish target determine the distance to it (if there is distance-scale) and put weapons in the right spot. Were created by the compact size and weight, night-vision sights for firearms. But they have long remained inaccessible hunters because of legal constraints and high costs. In 1993 he published a Federal Law "On Weapons ', in article 6 which states that the Russian Federation is prohibited' set for civilian and service weapons sights (sighting complexes), night vision scopes except for hunting, the use of which is established by the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as selling them. " In fact, it was allowed to use the sights at night vision for hunting purposes. But, to follow the law, you need to know what kind of sight is an eye for hunting. Structural differences of hunting rifle scopes from the military that they are often equipped with infrared illuminator, which is not permissible for military scopes. It is worth noting that almost every night-sight can be used as a simple observation night vision device, as well as for photography and video. In Either way the decision to purchase and / or using night vision sights for hunting, each hunter takes for himself, and most importantly – do not use it in places where hunting is prohibited night-sight. In prohibited areas should be used night-vision observation devices, and hit the target, for example, using fluorescent aperture optical sight.

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