New Challenge Actions

2011: A new challenge small changes can open unimaginable paths of personal and global well-being, it is time to manifest that takes of conscience that will take us to transform our world from the first day of this year 2011 we have encountered new challenges for our lives and our environment. Challenges that life imposes on us, all of them linked to the absolute and necessary change for humanity. As we already know, today our planet is full of conflicts, in countries at war, countries with hunger, mired in the injustice and terror, the ground areas devastated by natural phenomena, increasingly unacceptable violence and thus could continue mentioning them the challenge that life confronts us in this new cycle is a challenge, change and awareness that begins in the heart and thatHopefully, everyone can understand on the necessary scale. The future of our life depends on and begins in our present, the only palpable and real is what today we all live. Our attitudes and daily actions, emotions and feelings will be materialized in future, hence the importance of living our present in the best way, trying to help us to ourselves and to others; struggling to achieve that our work, hobbies, pastimes or entertainment are filled with the energy of joy, the satisfaction of doing things well and for good.

That little extra conscientious in our daily tasks can make an incredibly large difference for the life of each one. Give us if our actions are directed toward the common welfare of someone else good, assess whether our actions affect the environment or if you will help just by taking responsibility for the life that we have every day, we will be recognizing what is live in fullness in wisdom, and that is the true knowledge that humans both accounts need nowadays. This is what we will fill a power different from a different expression that will change our perception of things and our existence.

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