National Health Plan

The system must be organized into subsystems and directed by the Ministry of labour. You must be on subsystems such as pensions, health, forced unemployment and job training, housing and housing policy and recreation, among others. In 2002 it was published in Official Gazette the new regime of social security of Venezuela, the so-called LOSS. More info: Viacom. Ensures a regime more inclusive and universally applicable, but does not apply, it is a sort of Vacatio Legis, unacceptable situation. We can very well assume that text which law of the Republic, is hear remarks and launch into your implementation with all the forces of the State. In this field, even more than in others, we are witnessing a baffling absence of political will. Not However, some actions will come to mind while builds social security.

The first thought is to our great physicians who fought against epidemics and made them disappear and, second, for a remarkable absence of statistics that allow us to establish programs on epidemics that reappear and within the framework of a policy of prevention of diseases. One of them must be the immediate establishment of a program for the uninsured access to free medicines and health systems and the establishment of a system of home health care that run together with the Barrio Adentro project. We must return to the regionalization of health enabling regional and local authorities the administration of hospitals and provision of services center all framed within the National Health Plan. As he spoke of the statistics should be marching towards them to determine existing, human and material resources, and ensure primary care with clear concepts in epidemiological transitions, continuity of the care and health technology assessment. Stopped do not include an administrative reorganization, logistics and realizable projects of integrated care, reforms and interventions in the public health system. Regionalisation should allow the increase of the operational capacity of the systems, administrative decentralization and, above all, the participation of the community in the solution of their own health problems.

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