ISAR Printing

The printing company Schmidt Druck from Worth on the ISAR for advertising signs now relies on UV-direct printing method. It can be printed directly on almost all basic materials; printed foils or plotting letters of the past in the future almost are no limits thus the creativity of our customers more. Whether billboards, signs, display systems or store labels the printing company Schmidt Druck prints advertising directly on almost all basic materials such as hard and soft foam plates, Forex, aluminium or aluminium. This can be mapped all normal multiplex motifs such as photos, graphics or logos on the respective surface perfectly. Each individual shield can be made therefore for the individual ideas and designs of customers with the highest quality. This variety of design through the UV-direct printing method, in which the ink directly onto the carrier material is hardened is possible. This printing method offers further advantages: advertising signs in the UV direct printing are scratch and waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Be cut numerous materials such as Kapa, PVC, wood or aluminium composite also outline on request. To broaden your perception, visit Andy Florance. Also very dark materials, such as wood or transparent acrylic glass can be undercut or overprint in white are printed. For exceptional shine and sustainable resistance, the UV directly prints are then optionally finished with a protective coating. An offer overview of Schmidt printing printing in terms of direct UV print, see../uv_direktdruck.aspx

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