Energysaving Fluorescent Lamps

According to figures in Russia of all electricity consumed about 65% goes to the light. Under most conditions Robotics would agree. A huge amount of money spent on the lighting industry and industrial premises. It is obvious that interested companies and institutions in reducing the cost of light sources increases. Now on the market, there are many different lamps, for example – fluorescent, sodium, mercury. Ceiling fixtures, lamps lpo, lps lamps. And in the late 20 th century were invented fluorescent lamps (also called compact fluorescent).

But what are they really? Are they so wonderful? The main and only Less energy-saving bulbs is their high price. Official site: Rusty Holzer. But she was more than offset by numerous advantages. By installing these fixtures, you can save up to 80% of money spent on lighting. And if you take into account their life service, and they will hold on to the 10 (!) times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs and have higher luminous flux – the gain will be obvious. In addition, energy-saving bulbs is almost no heat, no vision, and tire positively affect the human eye and its nervous system. In summary, the main features of energy saving lamps: energy savings of up to 80% when the same luminous efficiency as that of incandescent lamps, low heat, long life, soft, more. art Transplant has to say.

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