It is a 1: n connection. It is possible that several cylinders and fittings, log on to a wireless hub and correspond with him. All aspects of the permissions on the new doors can be processed centrally from the server. Through the direct implementation of changes and the immediate availability of booking data are such systems especially in sensitive areas. The complete integration into the access 3010 and the persons authorization and bookings online management reduce the administrative burden to a minimum.

The user-friendly, universal control software access 3010 individuell controls the access rights according to the respective requirements: all time-driven programs and access permissions can be configured freely. It doesn’t No matter which card technology is used. EM, Hitag, LEGIC, Mifare access 3010 all master data managed, even in mixed mode. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. Access 3010 can be used in all common network topologies (TCP/IP) and centrally installed on all work stations. The software can be linked with burglary and fire alarm systems and also time recording, the workforce planning, the project time recording and as a personnel information system are used. The protection of data, as well as by buildings, plants and systems combines high reliability and ease of use with easier handling, which is the core competence of AZS system AG. To meet the demands of security and data protection company, AZS system AG integrates two systems for greater safety and comfort with the biometric fingerprint reader casys and the new Handvenenscanner. The detection of fingerprints required only a few seconds.

The fingerprint reader therefore particularly suitable for much-frequented environments such as access controls in companies and Administrations. Moreover, a very high user acceptance: the easy-to-use application convinced users, because lengthy and cumbersome procedures. The Handvenenscanner is also used in particularly sensitive areas. The Handvenenscanner recognizes the unique history of vein under the surface in every person. This non-contact and non-contact procedure brings another advantage: because the veins beneath the skin surface, tampering is not possible.

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