Foundation Support

Orcadesk has released the cloud-based software for customer support. The plan in the near future is to develop a self-hosted solution. Provider of business software solutions Orcadesk has released the software for customer support. The so-called support ticket comes first when Webb-based sSftware Sstem and the plan in the near future is the self-hosted option. In today’s turbulent environment, the satisfied customer is the Foundation for business success. The competition is strong, the offer of similar products and services is wide and the satisfaction of customers with the support of the company can be the crucial element in the decision. For these reasons companies are seeking more and more solutions to enhance customer support in your company.

This fact is the reason why the Orcadesk management sees the possibility and existence of the broad target group and published this kind of software. Orcadesk support ticket system will initially be a cloud-based software and thus be accessible and can be used with various types of computer equipment. Tablet PCs and phones are very popular and will increasingly also used for business purposes, and this fact was the reason why a cloud-based system is the first choice. The plan in the near future is a self-hosted software that can be installed on company computers, to develop. Orcadesk support ticket system receives the full range of capabilities needed for the care of customers, and includes: ticket management and all the necessary functions that create and ticket management are important, for the ticket are reports that provide statistical information, and are used as performance measurement and automated processes developed to shorten the time in the process of managing customer requests. Obtaining all necessary functions in these groups ensures that the complete process of the customer service management is covered. Everyone at Orcadesk support ticket system interested in is kan this Webb-software to try and further information get on the official site:. The system comes with a Probezait of 30 days with full access to all product features.

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