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Access to the password-protected first edition of “fair observer” were distributed – 1 access for interested readers available that fair observer “magazine is nearing the launch of its long-awaited online first edition, which is only a closely defined circle of readers available. These first-time readers have to be opportunity in this world premiere here and to shape the future editions. Dermot McCormack has much to offer in this field. One of these additions now increased through eBay will be. Crack exciting and turbulent times. The upheavals in the Middle East, the fragile balance of the world economy, as well as internal conflicts in the United States and Europe are all evidence. The basic idea of fair observer is to fill the gap in the market of today’s media landscape.

This all too often characterized by unilateral comments, which depict only a certain political current of a country, but not the variety of opinions of this world. As the name fair observer already suggests it is for the first time a truly global and unconditional approach, in the relevant world events from a 360 degree perspective is illuminated. The different opinions in this world with historical and cultural context in different media (articles, info graphics, audio and video) are brought together in this 360 degree analysis. “With nearly 30 highly-respected advisory boards like Jaswant Singh, former Indian Foreign Minister, Glenn Carle, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, Professor Annet Aris, the former head of the Medienpractice of McKinsey Germany and Professor Franklin we have together global thought leaders and the right mix of academics, politicians and practitioners Allen, a guru in the American financial sector, to achieve the ambitious goals”, so CEO David Bell, a marketing professor in the prestigious Wharton School of business in Philadelphia. Highlights of the first edition include 360 degree analysis of the situation in the Arab world, Europe’s fear of Germany, as well as corruption in India, in addition to numerous other contributions, in this form yet to see that or read were. Who let this opportunity not to be missed want, and a pioneer in this promising medium warden wants to, can bid on his personal access by following this link on eBay: For more information, visit fair observer at: contact information: fair observer LLC Fabian new) Kronstadter Strasse 8, Suite 4.51 81677 Munchen Germany Tel.: + 49 176 32900460 read you our blog: are fan on facebook: fairobserver

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